How To Get Positive Mobile App Reviews?

How To Get Positive Mobile App Reviews?

Nearly 90% of the users trust online reviews and ratings as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. Positive mobile app reviews help turn your users into advocates for your app. If your mobile app has a significant number of high-quality reviews, it is more likely to be visible on the app stores, which in turn will result in more app downloads, and retaining users.

Mobile app reviews and ratings are also a source of feedback for your app, that helps you focus and improve the grey areas in our app and fix the bugs. A significant amount of ratings and reviews are important, but they must be positive, authentic, or constructive.

Ways to Get Positive Mobile App Reviews

Now we are going to discuss with you five actionable and proven strategies that can help you achieve more positive mobile app reviews.

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Make It Easy To Review App

Integrate the feedback process seamlessly within the app without hampering the overall app experience, and make it convenient for the users to write a review. For starters, put feedback clicks in the visible locations, like header, footer, or main menu, which can direct users to leave their feedback conveniently.

You can also use some innovative way to get the user’s attention, like a puzzle game, with a simple interface and easy feedback process, and be easily accessible to the users who wish to leave their feedback and rate the app. Make sure that the feedback prompts don’t disturb the user’s overall experience.

Ask Users To Review Within App

It is desired to prompt the users to leave mobile app reviews if they really like the app. Motivate the users by letting them know the relevance and importance of app reviews in order to improve the app and the experience.

There are a number of plug-ins that you can use to prompt the app users to review within the app. Embedding a feedback function, integrated timely pop-ups within the app, are a few ways you can implement. It is fine to prompt users to leave a review, but remember that, there is a fine line between being obliging and being annoying.

Time Your App Review Requests

When you ask your users for mobile app reviews, avoid interrupting the user experience, time the prompt process, instead of having a pop-up appear randomly on the user’s screen. Time the pop-up like it appears after the user completes a particular task in the app.

For instance, gaming apps encourage users to review the app with a pop-up that appears whenever the player achieves a milestone. Also, wait until the user has engaged to some level with your app in a certain period of time. This ensures that the user knows enough about your mobile app to leave a thoughtful review.

Offer Incentives To Review App

Give the users a reason to leave a review by offering incentives. The incentives here are not monetary, but some type of in-app incentive, like limited time access to some exclusive feature, or free coins in gaming apps, or limited free subscription of any kind. Monetary incentives are not advisable as they won’t bring genuine or constructive feedback.

However, be cautious of what you ask the users to do in exchange for rewards. Apple and Google have been removing the apps which incentivize users to watch some promotional videos or share the mobile app on social media, as it is counted as a violation of their terms and conditions. Even if it is an incentivized review, don’t force the users to leave only positive mobile app reviews or 5-star rating.

Respond To All App Reviews

Responding to the feedback and reviews, especially negative ones, shows the users that you care, ensure that their efforts are not being wasted. Also, take time to reply to the positive reviews, appreciating the users for their valuable time and concern.

It motivates the uses to leave more reviews and keep them engaged when they see someone responding. Make sure to be empathetic in your response, address them by name, not as some random user, and articulate your response carefully to make users feel that their views are being taken seriously. User engagement is a long-term investment.

Mobile App Review Sites

This is another way to encourage positive mobile app reviews. Getting your app reviewed from trusted mobile app review sites helps you thrive and get ahead of your competition. Approaching a trusted and verified mobile app marketing service is not buying reviews but it’s a promotional activity to reach your audience and make them realize that your app is one among the trusted ones and offering some value.

There are various mobile app review sites out there, who review the app in a detailed and informative manner, making it easy to reach a large user base and influence their decision. Also, the credibility of such mobile app marketing services is a crucial part of the selection of the right mobile app review site.


Keeping all the above-discussed things in mind is crucial to get positive mobile app reviews but there is one more important yet overlooked tip, this is, “making an app worth reviewing.” If your service is not needed or doesn’t serve any value, people won’t bother to use it and review it.

Try and give users something useful that they won’t be able to find anywhere else, and also keep improving it. Focus more on creating the value products as opposed to worrying about feedback and reviews, they will definitely follow. Always remember to communicate and keep in touch with your users.

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