How Can an eCommerce PWA (Progressive Web App) Assist a PrestaShop Store?

How Can an eCommerce PWA (Progressive Web App) Assist a PrestaShop Store?

We’ve always been on the lookout for an alternative to publishing on Google Play and the Apple App Store. PWA (Progressive Web Apps) appears to be the best choice for this. This technology is the newest trend, and it is also becoming more popular with the passage of time. PWA mobile app is being referred to as the future by a number of professionals and technologists. PrestaShop PWA Mobile Apps are multi-device compatible apps that function similarly to native apps. PWA mobile apps are downloaded and installed directly from your eCommerce mobile website. PrestaShop Progressive Web App does not need to be published on any app store.

Steps to Launch PrestaShop PWA App Builder

It’s a lot easier to launch a PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App on eCommerce stores using the automatic PWA Mobile App Builder framework. The job only requires three simple steps:

1: Go to Knowband website and buy the extension.

2: Share PrestaShop admin/FTP credentials.

3: Review the test PWA version and make sure it’s working.

1. Preferred Option for Businesses

PrestaShop PWA App Maker makes a lot more sense if we take a look at some of the biggest names in eCommerce. PrestaShop PWA App Creator is also available to all PrestaShop eCommerce stores. It is available for large and small, globally, and can boost sales from mobile audiences immediately.

2. Targeting a Larger Mobile Audience

The PrestaShop Progressive Web App Builder is compatible with all versions of Android and iOS, making it an excellent solution for eCommerce stores. The PrestaShop Progressive Web App Maker solution can be used to reach both global and regional mobile audiences. The progressive web app performance will be completely native, and users will be able to launch it whenever they want to shop for products.

3. Development Efforts & Costs are Reduced

With native apps, the eCommerce store owner needs to invest a significant amount of money and time in order to develop and deploy Android and iOS apps. The process of launching an app on Google Play and the Apple App Store is complicated and also can be a headache for non-technical business owners. In this case, PrestaShop Progressive Web App Maker is a lifesaver. Open the shop URL in a mobile browser to get the PWA mobile app. Your mobile version will be turned into a PWA app, while your desktop version will continue to function normally.

4. Easy-to-use Admin Panel

The store admin can also easily make the necessary modifications, which will be immediately reflected in the live PrestaShop PWA Mobile Apps. The store admin can modify the appearance and feel of the live Progressive Web App at any time without having to change the code.

5. Offline Accessibility

PrestaShop Progressive Web App is extremely lightweight, rarely crashing or stopping on mobile devices. The PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App is also based on advance technology for faster loading and performance. Faster loading and smooth operation can also improve mobile customers’ purchasing experience. Another important feature is that PrestaShop PWA Mobile Apps can operate in offline mode (when there is no or slow internet connection).


With the PrestaShop Progressive Web App Builder, you can shift to a brighter tomorrow. Your competitors have already made the switch to the Progressive Web App and are enjoying its benefits. Now is the ideal time to convert your PrestaShop store into a mobile application. Enhance the shopping experience with features such as faster performance, offline functionality, push notifications, SEO, and more.

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