How to Add Multiple Accounts on Instagram

How to Add Multiple Accounts on Instagram

If you don’t know what the “Multiple Accounts” feature is on Instagram, this title can be a bit misleading.

However, do not worry. In this article, I talk both about how you can add multiple accounts on Instagram, but also how your job can be more effective with managing multiple Instagrams.

When the “Multiple Accounts” feature of Instagram was released, I jumped with joy, because the problem I was solving now was a huge pain for me for many years.

What is the specialty of multiple accounts?

In many accounts, this basically means that you can log into 5 Instagram accounts simultaneously.

Prior to the update, people who managed multiple accounts had a huge conflict. Some bought a device for each Instagram account they managed because it took too long to log in and exit each account. Others were going to manually do something with their account each time, and as someone has done for years, I can say that it was a real pain. Some people decided to use sketch third-party apps, and those who chose unsafe people, unfortunately, had their accounts hacked.

First of all, since you were logged out, you had not received any notification, except for the account you were logged in – a ton was missing for you.

How to add a new account

Adding accounts is super easy. Just remember that you cannot add more than 5 accounts.

how to do this:

Make sure you have updated to the latest version of Instagram (all accounts should have the feature by now unless you have updated the app for a long time).

Go to your profile and tap on the gear icon on the right side of your profile.

Now, when you log into your Instagram account, you will be presented with exactly the same interface. For the account, you want to log in, type the login information and tap Login.

How to switch between accounts

Switching between the accounts you are logged in is extremely easy.

To switch between accounts, tap on your profile picture in the lower right corner of your screen. This will take you to the profile of the account you are currently logged into. Now, tap on your username at the top of your screen in the middle. Here, you will see your username and an arrow. Remember that if you are logged in to only one account, you have no possibility to switch between accounts because for the simple reason you do not have an account to switch to.

How to delete Instagram account

If you are logged into multiple accounts and want to log out of one, you can very easily. If you have reached the limit of your 5 accounts, logging out of an account and withdrawing from your “multiple accounts” is especially helpful when you want to give space for a new account.

To delete an Instagram account, go to your profile and tap the cog-wheel in your profile. Just like when you add your first account, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the blue text. Here, you have two options.

You can either tap on “Log Out of Unsure”, which logs you out of the account you are currently logging into. If the account you are logged into is not the one you want to log out of, switch it, and then proceed with the same process.

How do notifications work?

When you are logged into an account, notifications work just as they do. This means that you do not receive any information if you have logged in for all accounts that you have logged in. If you, on the other hand, have activated all notifications for all accounts in which you are logged in, you will receive notifications from all of them.

If you want to quickly see how many notifications you have for each account you log in, tap on your username at the top of the screen that shows all the accounts you’ve logged into. A number will be presented next to each username. This number tells you how many notifications you have received for that particular account.

The conclusion

The Multiple Accounts feature is an Instagram update mixed almost entirely with cheers and applause. This is an update that a lot of people can use as it is more common on Instagram followers.

The update first and foremost makes the lives of social media managers a lot easier, but there are also regular people who use Instagram for regular entertainment. If you have multiple accounts before the update, then you know how much time and energy this update saves you.

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