Improve User Shopping Experience With Opencart Mobile App Builder

Improve User Shopping Experience With Opencart Mobile App Builder

Customers want to have a simple and smooth shopping experience while purchasing a product from the mobile app. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker can increase sales, revenue, and conversion rates of the online store by enhancing the shopping experience of its online visitors. Knowband’s OpenCart Mobile App Builder has been created by keeping relevant factors in consideration.

The Knowband OpenCart Mobile App Creator is a pre-configured framework that is used for converting your online store into fully functional e-commerce mobile apps. The module requires no programming knowledge, which helps the eCommerce merchant easily handle the manual burden of managing your eCommerce store. Furthermore, the native Android and iOS apps provide a significant advantage to the store admin by helping him to tap into a large customer base with ease.

Opencart Mobile App Builder Features

1. Customers Can Pay in Different Ways.

The OpenCart Android App Builder makes the shopping app transaction process smooth, reliable, and secure. Customers have the option to choose all the payment and shipping options on the eCommerce website and shop conveniently. Furthermore, the module includes the two most commonly used payment methods, which are Paypal and COD.

2. Home Screen Customization

The Knowband OpenCart iOS App Maker allows store owners to easily configure various attributes directly from the backend. The module also allows the store merchant to position the elements and upload the banners as needed. Moreover, the store admin can create and pre-save different home screen layouts based on various occasions and festivals and use them when required.

3. 24*7 Chat Support

The Mobile App for OpenCart consists of a 24*7 Zopim and WhatsApp chat service that allows online customers to contact the store merchant directly. Online visitors can inquire about anything in the shopping cart and get a prompt response from the e-commerce merchant. Moreover, the customer support system removes the need for a physical connection between the store admin and online customers.

4. RTL and Multi-Lingual Support

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder supports a variety of dialects as well as RTL writing styles such as Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, and others. The eCommerce merchant can undoubtedly concentrate on the global audience, which allows them to broaden their horizons.

5. Coupons/Vouchers Support

Offering regular discounts and deals is a smart way to get people to download the Android and iOS apps. Moreover, the multiple coupons and discount options encourage customers to shop more frequently. The vouchers and coupons’ availability showed a positive increase in the purchase volume of the customers. In addition, the Mobile App for OpenCart completely supports all types of eCommerce website coupons and vouchers.

6. Supports Inventory Management

The website and mobile apps are completely synchronized with each other, reducing the manual effort of the store admin. OpenCart Mobile App Builder automates the management of all website inventory and order details, requiring no human intervention. Moreover, the module reduces e-commerce merchants’ workload, increases efficiency, and allows them to sit back and relax.


The OpenCart mobile app maker by Knowband provides a pleasant and improved shopping experience for online visitors. Moreover, the native Android and iOS apps can be easily launched on Google Play or the Apple App Store. You can also attract the customers’ attention by connecting us at and launching the shopping app.

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