Build Your First Mobile Application by Following Few Simple Steps

Build Your First Mobile Application by Following Few Simple Steps

The craze of mobile applications is growing rapidly these days as the usage of it is increasing in our day to day lives. Most of the people use their smartphone and application to complete their daily chores. Hence most of the businesses have a step ahead to get the application for their business which helps them to promote their product or service worldwide. The application solution provides all the needed information at the fingertips. There are a number of applications available in the market these days which includes gaming apps, entertainment apps, retail apps, utility apps, productivity apps, news and lifestyle apps, etc that offer the required information to its users.

Nowadays there are various applications that make our work much easier starting from the one that teaches you how to annoy a teenager, analyzing your mobile storage, and track your heartbeat. And if you have a great app idea in your brain and want to bring it to the real world then you must definitely go through all the steps which will help you to craft the excellent application for your business.

Steps to Follow

If you want to turn your application idea into reality then you must learn the basic step of developing the application. And if you do not want to develop the app on your own then you must hire a developer who has expertise in this field. There are various application developing programs that can help you to turn your app idea into reality.

Set Goal for Your Application

Before moving ahead to the development process you must set the desired goal for the application development. Choose any of the technology for application development. Know which type of application did you want, the impact of your application on your targeted audience, and how should it look? Answer all the necessary questions and set the goal at the beginning stage which will help you to achieve the targeted goal in a short time.

Sketch Your Concept

Create a rough sketch of your app idea and transform it visually onto a sheet of paper. This visual layout will surely help you to develop the application that was burning in your brain, it will also help your partner or developers to understand which kind of application did you want.

Perform Market Research

Before stepping further for the development process carry out research about the latest market trends and also about your rivals. Once you complete the research, you will get a clear idea about your competitor’s weakness, strength, and also about the mistakes they have made while developing the application. Make sure that you do not repeat the same mistake which your competitors have made in the past.

Create Wireframe for Your App

Get a clear picture of the application development through the wireframing, this can help to develop the visual protocol and mockup for your application. Various online prototype tools are available these days for the developers which are Axure, Mockingbird, Balsamiq mockups, etc. You can either take the help of these tools or can hire developers who can easily create an excellent wireframe as per the specified requirements.

Define Backend

Define the backend structure for your application after creating wireframe and storyboard for the same. By defining the backend for your application, you can easily get a clear idea about the requirement of the server and database for your application.

Check Model

Get the reviews from your family, experts, and friends about your app. Ask them to provide honest feedback and note each and every review and find where you are lacking stell and solve all those issues during the maintenance phase. Try to solve all these issues during the prototype phase to avoid a huge number of corrections during the designing phase. Remember that correction during the designing stage requires more effort and time.

Designing Your App

Strat developing the application or take the support of specialist that can help you to design the individual screens known as skins. This screen has a high-resolution format that has developed using wireframe tools. Therefore before stepping to the designing phase make sure that you have resolved all the issues that you have been noted before. You can design an application which offers a better user interface to end-users.

Test and Launch Your App

After developing the application you must test your app as it helps to find the crashes, missing features, and bugs which can easily be fixed during the maintenance phase. After testing and maintenance phase your application is all set to launch on the app store. Go through the guidelines provided by Google and Apple App store and then finally if the app is developed according to their guidelines then submit it to the app store for the approval.

Once your application is listed among the other apps on the app store it is a must to develop a unique and effective marketing strategy. Keep in mind that application development is ever-evolving process hence you need to keep updating your application and must add new features and functionality to your application based on users’ feedback and you should also leverage the marketing strategies to increase the number of downloads and use of your application.

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