5 Myths about Customer Service Outsourcing Busted

5 Myths about Customer Service Outsourcing Busted

There is no denying the fact that customer service is an integral part of businesses. As handling customer service tasks in-house leads to a lack of focus on core services, customer service outsourcing has become an essential requirement for companies. But, there are certain myths about outsourced customer care floating around on the Internet or residing in people’s mind, which make a decision to outsource customer service a difficult one for enterprises.

The Myths Busted

  1. Customer service outsourcing can lead to data loss – Whether you are in the service industry or run an ecommerce platform, you would be storing vast troves of customer data in your premises. This data holds vital customer account information, bank information, email addresses, phone numbers and a whole lot of other vital pieces of information. Some believe that customer support outsourcing services won’t care about the data of their customers. While this may be true for few rogue operators, it is not the norm. Seasoned operators like Vcare do their very best to ensure data security. By implementing a state-of-the-art system with permissions and authority for data access, it becomes easier to incorporate data security. Also, the data security is further fortified with robust data encryption that keeps it safe from unethical and unlawful access by hackers.
  2. Outsourcing diminishes brand value – This might have been true in the earlier times when customer support outsourcing services vendors were not as accomplished, but it is not the case today. Companies realize that the brand value of their clients’ companies is more valuable to them than ever before. Hence, they do their very best to align the process in such a way that it represents their clients’ brand. However, to ensure the right representation of your brand, you need to find a company that has the tools to get the job done. Functionalities like IVR that can be customized with custom messages, quality call center software and other important paraphernalia are essential to communicate the right brand image.
  3. Outsourcing makes you lose control of your services – Some believe that you lose a measure of control over you call center services when you outsource customer service. But, this is completely wrong in the context of today. With so many internet platforms, video calling facilities, Internet cameras that provide direct feed of an operational call center, you can easily check the performance of the call center tasks and see to it if they are done as per your expectations. It is even possible to hire a liaison manager if the call center is located in a different country for tending to the process in person. Or, if you still have doubts, you can employ domestic customer service outsourcing provided by Vcare.

Customers will be put off by a poor accent – Some entrepreneurs in English-speaking countries are skeptical about the competency of call center agents to maintain quality of discourse with their customers. However, there are many call centers especially in India that have vast riches of agents who excel in neutral English accent. These agents have good understanding of English language and are articulate enough to solve customer queries in the minimum amount of time.

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