A Whale Worth USD Two Million

A Whale Worth USD Two Million

A recent attribute has been integrated to the humpback whales of the world and the value of each of these creatures is two hundred million dollars. The reason behind it is simple that it helps the humans as a beneficial counterpart in mitigating the worsening situation related to the climate change. Now enjoy watching the whales through the booking of deep sea fishing charters or fishing boats while being on a fishing trip in Dubai.

The above statement supports the new analysis done by the economists and this research also emphasises that nothing in this world that is created is worthless, so experience it at the fishing trips in Dubai.

How can be a whale valued in Dollars?

The whales counter the green house gas carbon in a natural way, as the whales like sperm, baleen and humpback are the carbon sequester and retain the carbon in their bodies for a millennium even after living the life span of sixty because the corpse of the whale sinks into the darkness or abyss of the water where the tons of carbon is entrapped for the millennium, and this is the natural cycle. You can watch whales to study on fishing boats in Dubai.

The trees are also the natural sequester of the carbon and a mature tree can absorb around twenty two kilos of carbon dioxide every year, but when it is compared with the giants of the water a tree cannot take a stand before these moving tress or whales because they more sophisticatedly design by the Mother Nature. Hiring the fishing charters Dubai is safe for the fishing trips!

How whales are compared to the trees?

Around one thousand five hundred trees are equivalent to one whale and that means one whale can do the work of one thousand five hundred trees in a year.

The another service that a whale offers is called whale pump, the plankton and krill that live deep into the ocean are devoured by these giants and in return the they release excreta in the form of huge faecal plumes that is nothing but the floating masses of pee and poop which has the rich combination of Iron, phosphorous and nitrogen, also these elements are found in the food of planktons ads well, you will experience all these on fishing boats in Dubai. So it can be implicated that if there is rise in the population of the plankton then the problem of green house gas carbon dioxide can be mitigated well because of the planktons the ocean consumes forty percent of the total atmospheric carbon dioxide and releases fifty percent of the oxygen back to the atmosphere.

To consume 4o percent of carbon dioxide and give back 50 percent of the oxygen will take 4 times the size of an Amazon forest that is said to be the lungs of the planet.

The whales releases these plumes across the globe whereas the Iron into the cold waters and phosphorous along with the nitrogen into the hot waters. So it is obvious that more plankton means more carbon consumption and more whales which is the best example of the geo engineering marvel. Go on the fishing charters Dubai to enjoy fishing excursion!

The cash value of the whale

The Assistant Director at the international Monetary Fund Shami has calculated and put the price tag on the whales to draw the attention towards the whales and their importance to a normal human being.

He calculated the price on the basis of how much the carbon is consumed by a whale and compared the same amount of carbon with the trees and mangroves etc. This figure was converted into the market value for each whale and the figure was surprisingly in the United States Dollars stood as two millions.

Exploitation of the Whales

It is known that before the whales were hunted for the commercial purpose there were millions of whales swimming all across the globe around five hundred years ago. Many species of the whales reached to the level of the brink of extinction.

The Good News  

The good news is that in some parts of the world the whale population is increasing gradually but some of the species are yet to recover, but you can plan safe fishing trips in Dubai for the sustainable catch. The total estimated population of the humpback whales are 25,000 in number and it is estimated that it may proliferate to the level that it existed five hundred years ago.  Book deep sea fishing charters Dubai to view whales during a fishing trip in Dubai.

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