BOPP laminated Woven Bags: Innovation in Marketing

BOPP laminated Woven Bags: Innovation in Marketing

One of the latest innovation in the packaging industries are Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Laminated PP woven bags or most commonly known as BOPP Laminated bags. Manufacturers like Bankey Bihari Packaging Pvt. Ltd. provide a range of BOPP laminated bags that can be used as a marketing tool as well as ensure the quality of your products. These bags are usually used for packaging of rice, wheat, spices, flour, fertilizers, seeds, grains and pulses, sugar, salt, chemicals, tea/coffee, Animal feed, white cement, outer-packing among many other consumer products.

How are BOPP laminated bags good for marketing

Some of the leading packaging manufacturers like Bankey Bihari Packaging Pvt. Ltd. strongly recommend the use of packaging bags for marketing purposes for a business. From protecting the quality of your product, these bags act as a marketing tool for your brand as well.

With the laminating feature offered by this type of packaging, it enables the print of your brand image to stay intact. However, BOPP laminated bags offer more than just one advantage:

Advantages of BOPP laminated bags:

  1. Outstanding print image quality
  2. Reverse Printing ability that cannot be scratched off
  3. High tensile strength
  4. Good dimensional stability
  5. Low electrostatic charge
  6. High gloss surface enhances marketability of the product
  7. Fewer layers, reducing weight and freight cost
  8. Water and moisture barrier
  9. Customized solutions possible

This new innovation that is being adopted by many packaging industries, has been proven to be a simple yet effective method for marketing a brand. In addition to this, woven polypropylene bags are made out of such materials that enable them the quality of water-resistance because of which the print will not smudge or sag so they will still be stable even after inclement weather. Therefore, it is a good option for different industries to help them market their brand.

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