Top Things to Consider When Choosing the Thermal Paper Rolls

Top Things to Consider When Choosing the Thermal Paper Rolls

In recent times, thermal paper rolls in the POS systems, credit and debit card machines, fax machines, and ATMs are increasing. The optimum reliability and the ability to keep the high-definition images intact are increasing its popularity even more. However, selecting the right thermal paper is highly important.

This because the low-quality paper may lead to the printed data being unreadable after some time, thereby giving rise to various problems. Here are some of the top things to consider that will help you select the right paper with the potential to not get damaged on exposure to moisture or heat.


The first thing to consider while choosing thermal papers is the size. The paper rolls are not available in a standard size, but they come in various widths and lengths. When deciding the width of the thermal paper you require, you can consider the width of the printer ribbons. Make sure to choose the paper size that can perfectly fit into your printer. Usually, the longer papers are a better option as they can print more receipts, thereby enabling you to save more.


In addition to length and width, the thermal papers’ thickness is also an important factor to consider. More is the thickness, higher will be the durability. The thicker thermal paper also offers higher quality. However, one thing to note here is that thicker rolls usually have fewer papers. So, less amount of documents can be printed using the thicker rolls.

Paper Quality

Paper quality is another significant factor that you need to consider when buying thermal papers. Lack of paper quality may also affect the quality of printing. So, it is important to take into account the quality aspect. Moreover, using inferior quality paper can damage your printing machine, thereby increasing your expenses. Availing the high-quality thermal papers will ensure that you get clear and neat prints, and it does not get blotches.


When your document has high chances of being exposed to moisture, it is important to choose moisture-resistant thermal papers. This is because if ordinary thermal papers are selected, exposure to humidity and wet conditions can damage the paper. However, choosing a paper that is synthetic in material or has extra moisture resistance can help in effectively protecting your important documents against degradation. It will also ensure that thermal papers do not become unreadable.


Heat is yet another important aspect to consider when choosing thermal papers. When there are possibilities that your document may get exposed to extreme heat conditions, it is vital to look for heat resistant materials. For instance, the documents you want to keep in your vehicle will be exposed to external heat, especially during summers. It may make the paper unreadable due to chemical reactions on exposure to heat. To avoid any such issue, make sure to choose thermal papers with the ability to withstand high temperatures.

Top coating

The top coating of the thermal papers is a factor that cannot be overlooked. While all the thermal papers have a thermal coat and a basecoat, not all have the topcoat. So, it is important to look for thermal papers with topcoat. The thermal papers with a topcoat provide the documents with an additional layer of protection against the different environmental conditions. However, if you want to use the thermal paper for documents that need limited resistance, you can opt for the non-top coated materials.

Intended Lifespan

While choosing the thermal paper rolls, make sure to consider the intended lifespan or to archive ability of the paper. The storage of the document has a direct connection with the lifespan of the thermal papers. When you want to print the important documents that are meant to last longer, choose the thermal papers with a longer lifespan. Ensure that they have higher durability and offer optimum protection against moisture, heat, and other conditions.


Quantity of thermal papers that you require is also an important factor to consider. If you frequently require thermal papers, it is always wise to go for bulk purchases. This will ensure that you can get some discounts and save more on the costs. However, the quantity of thermal papers also depends on the shelf life of the paper. It also depends on the availability of your storage space. With effective storage precautions, you can conveniently store the paper without any damage.


It is important to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. Thermal papers are available in a wide range of price ranges. When buying the thermal papers, make sure to consider the different price options. Then make a comparison of the prices and choose the one that fits your budget the best. However, if you are getting high-quality thermal papers that cost you a bit more than your budget, go for it. You may have to pay a bit more initially, but you can easily avoid the costly expenses later. If you want to keep the costs low, bulk buying can be a great option.

These are some of the most important factors that you must consider while selecting thermal papers. Starting from printer ribbons to the thermal papers’ cost, considering all the aspects can help you find the best quality paper for your application.

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