How to Do Factory Line Marking in Your Warehouse?

How to Do Factory Line Marking in Your Warehouse?

Warehouses are huge places and are required to be better organized. So many complex logistics are performed inside it that it is important to take care of every small detail in order to make the work smooth and improve the safety of the employees too. Factory line marking or pasting a tape is one such practice which helps in keeping the warehouse better organized and provides a safe environment for the staff as well. The warehouse is undeniably a risky environment and it is a fact that the employees are in dangerous conditions always.

Line Marking

If you are planning to upgrade your warehouse by factory line marking, then here are some of the tips that will be useful for you.

Know Whether You Need Line Marking Paint or Just Tape

Both tape and line marking paint have their own benefits and deciding upon one is completely your discretion and requirements. They both are suitable for all kinds of warehouses and you can opt any one of them without any hassle.

Design a Perfect Plan

Factory line marking may not be as complex as sports court line marking but it isn’t as simple as a drawing too. Most of the people advice to prepare a plan in your head and work it out, but no this isn’t the scenario. A proper planning is important in order to be successful on the job. Draw a sketch of your warehouse on a paper and then mark the points where you need them. This is a hectic task but it is important if you want productive results.

If there are any problems with the layout then you can easily mend it in advance so that no mess is created when you start painting.

Prepare the Space as Well As Staff

You cannot get the perfect Factory line marking if your warehouse isn’t ready. Clear all the mess, products, equipment, chemicals etc. that is present in your warehouse. Take some time, suspend all the work for a day or two, clear the warehouse neatly and then start applying the paint. Make sure that that your floor is absolutely clear and clean when you are painting; this is a vital point to remember. If you are going for painting the floor then keep in mind that it will take some time to dry, you can ask your employees to be extra careful on the paint application areas or just give them a day off. It is better to cordon off the painted areas in order to avoid any contact with that area.

Factory line marking

Mark the Space Before You Start Marking the Lines

Use a chalk line or radium to mark the space properly before you actually start to paint it or use the tape. This is done to ensure that the marking goes according to your plan and also that they are in a straight line. This pre-marking will help in understanding the layout of your warehouse in a better manner. If there are any problematic layers you can analyze them on the floor before painting.

Make the Most of Your Line Marking

Factory line marking is used for various purposes. They help in allowing the clearance for the vehicles, to alert the visitors or employees about the hazardous areas like toxic, electric shock or tripping locations.


Color Guidelines

Each color in factory line marking is used for a different purpose:

  • Yellow- path, work cells, aisles and traffic lanes
  • White- equipment
  • Red- defective locations
  • Green- finished goods
  • Orange- energized equipment
  • Black- work in progress
  • Blue- raw materials
  • Red and White- dangerous areas
  • Black and white- areas where operations are going and cannot be accessed

These are some of the things that help in factory line marking.

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