How to get the Best Finish with Painting Contractors in Dubai?

How to get the Best Finish with Painting Contractors in Dubai?

Taking a time to perform a thorough surface prep and painting in an orderly systematic way are the keys to getting professional looking results when doing any paint project.  Skimping on the prep work is probably the biggest mistake people make when painting.  Take the time and do it right. It really does affect the end result.

Carefully Inspect Your Walls

First, carefully inspect walls for crack, holes, dents or other surface imperfections before priming and painting like painting contractors Dubai. Use a lightweight spackle compound and putty knife to fill and repair any holes or imperfections. Then remove any excess spackles with the putty knife and allow the area to dry completely.

Sandpapers Will Help!

Once dry, use small piece of very fine, 220- grit sandpaper or  sanding sponge to smooth the repaired areas flush with the surface. And allow them to dry before priming or painting. You should also make sure the walls are clean and free from dust. You had been surprised how much dust actually builds up on walls during cleaning before house painting services Dubai . Out of the way corners and areas behind furniture can also have lots of cobwebs. Use something like floor duster to wipe the walls clean to ensure paint applies evenly.

Use Painters Tape

Painters tape is used to help you achieve clean professional looking results while painting individual’s rooms. Its primary purpose is to protect areas you don’t intend to paint. It is perfect for door and window trim mouldings and base boards. It helps you create sharp, clean lines, paint stripes or patterns, and create two tone wall effects. There are different adhesion levels for painters tape. All are meant to be easily removed but some stick a little more firmly than others. While some are perfect for textured surface, other are intended for more delicate areas, like a freshly painted wall, finished hardwood or wall paper. You need to be sure that which adhesion level is right for the job you are doing. If your ceiling is non textured, or if you have crown moulding. You will want to mask that off where it meets the edge of the wall. Apply your tape in short, overlapping strips, pressing down firmly along the edge.

Make Sure To Apply It Properly

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If you do not take time to apply painter’s tape properly, you can experience bleed through. Paint can seep under the tape barrier and get on the protected surface. Make sure your tape is flat and evenly pressed down. Paint will seep through at any point where the tape is not in full contact with the surface.

Use A Drop Cloth

Before doing any priming or painting, you will want to protect floors with a drop cloth. There are three basic kinds canvas, plastic and paper. Canvas drop cloth are extremely durable and absorbent. So they can be used over and over again. Plastic is less expensive and durable but is not absorbent. So spills wont dry as quickly and can be tracked through the room and stepped on. Paper is the most economical, but can tear easily on floors. But they are perfect for covering other things, like cabinets and furniture. If you are working in an average or small sized room, you really should remove all the furniture, any time you think you are saving by not doing this will be wasted throughout your project, because you will constantly be adjusting and relocating things to give yourself room.

And Finally, The Primer..

The final step of your paint prep is cutting in the room with primer. Cutting in is basically outlining the room, and involves using a paintbrush to create two or three inch bands around the edges of the walls, where they meet ceilings, baseboards,  other walls door and window frames and hinges. Those two to three inch areas around the room allow you to roll the rest of the wall quickly, without having to try and roll paint in those confined places. It is impossible to use a roller that close to those areas you are trying not to paint without making mistakes. When cutting in many people choose to do entire room at one time. This is a good option if you want to finish in a hurry during office painting services Dubai.

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