How To Pick A Perfect Pool Cleaner For Your Pool?

How To Pick A Perfect Pool Cleaner For Your Pool?

Constructing a pool requires thorough research. From designs to colours and equipment, everything must be chosen carefully. Even after construction is completed, there are a lot of things to be done in order to keep your pool looking Its best. You can get in touch with a swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai for maintenance and get some features installed for this purpose.

Keeping your pool clean is not as easy as doing it for your home. You can still skip cleaning your home and it will not be a problem while cleaning it again; but doing so with your pool may make it difficult to clean it after a gap. Regular cleaning is important. For this purpose, you need to install a machine that makes the task easier. Swimming pool contractors in Dubai can help. You can go for an automatic pool cleaner or install a manual one, depending on your requirements.

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Automatic Pool Cleaners

Initially, automatic cleaners were meant to only clean the floor debris so that they don’t reach the main drain and clog it. With time, they evolved and became more advanced. These days, automatic cleaners don’t just clean the surface but also vacuum the drain in order to keep your pool clean and pristine. If you don’t have a cleaner installed in your pool, you can reach swimming pool and landscaping companies in Dubai and get it installed. They will also suggest you with the best cleaner according to your pool. There are different types of cleaners available in the market that include:

Robotic Cleaners

Robotic Cleaners don’t require hose connections and can work independently. All they require is low-voltage electricity to operate. You don’t even have to do much; just drop the cleaner in the pool and let it do the job. It can clean the pool surface, unclog the drain using vacuum pressure, and remove algae, dirt and debris of all sizes. The advanced robotic cleaners can even climb the pool walls, clean the stairs and ensure hygiene all the way to the pool waterline. Some of them come with sensors and can scan a path for the most effective cleaning. You can reach swimming pool companies in Dubai and get one installed in your pool. Following are the benefits of using robotic cleaners:

  • You don’t have to attach a robotic cleaner anywhere in the pool.
  • Robotic pool cleaners help save energy as they require very little power to run.
  • They can efficiently clean almost all types of debris, dirt and algae.

Suction Pool Cleaners

As the name suggests, these cleaners completely depend on the suction feature of the machine. These pool cleaners are powered by the pool skimmer or an independent line for suction which collects debris and sends it out. These cleaners are extremely cost efficient. However, you must know that they contain multiple moving parts too that require frequent replacement. The top benefits are:

  • You don’t have to make any changes to your pool. These cleaners are compatible with all types of filtration systems.
  • These cleaners move according to set patterns in order to ensure an efficient cleaning.
  • You don’t have to spend a whopping amount at all. These machines are amazingly affordable and make a perfect match for the people searching for an automatic pool cleaner in budget.

Pressure-Side Cleaners

These cleaners basically rely on water pressure and are very efficient at cleaning dirt and debris from a pool. The power required to operate the cleaner is derived from water which is pushed and pumped into the pool. There is a suction feature that collects debris into a collection bag. While you can leave the cleaner in your pool, you shouldn’t forget to clear the debris from the collection bag on regular intervals. You can reach a swimming pool construction company Dubai and know more about it. Following are the benefits of using pressure-side cleaners:

  • These cleaners help keep the main drain clog-free.
  • They can efficiently handle a large amount of debris without a hassle. However, you must ensure to empty the collection bag frequently.
  • You can even set timers depending on your requirements.


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