Information You Should Know About LLC Company Set-Up In Dubai

Information You Should Know About LLC Company Set-Up In Dubai

If you are an investor, Dubai is the best business destination for you to target. Company set up in Dubai is always considered as the best business prospect. Dubai is a land that offers investors the best growth opportunities.

There are unlimited ways in which businesses can benefit via an LLC company established in Dubai. The company type is mainly limited Liability type. It means you may not have to risk your liabilities. It safeguards your investment for the short and long term.

  • You may need proper advice related to LLC company registration in Dubai
  • Always to ensure you take advice only from the right consultants or experts
  • The entire process may involve a lot of paperwork that needs completion on time

Obtaining licenses

When in Dubai, you discover details related to all types of LLC licenses and processes. It is mainly offered to services or companies that are involved in trading activities. If you obtain the license you are legally authorized to carry trading activities in Dubai.

The process of registration and license obtaining may vary, depending on the trading type you want to conduct.

Main benefit and liabilities

Dubai offers minimum risk for investors if they obtain an LLC trading license. The investors under this condition are not held liable for any debts. There are certain criteria that the company has to meet, to consider LLC set up in Dubai.

As per local regulations, the company that wants to obtain an LLC license should have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders. A single business owner cannot apply for an LLC license.

Local and overseas shareholder policy

To obtain LLC registration in Dubai, you may have to ensure that at least fifty-one percent of the total share value should be owned by locals. The remaining forty-nine percent can be owned by foreign entities.

You can also opt for an LLC license in Dubai if all a hundred percent of the shares are held by locals. If you are planning for an overseas company set up then this rule is important for you to follow.

Where in Dubai can you set up LLC?

Not all economic zones in emirates are ideal for establishing an LLC company. But if you are interested in Dubai, then this may not be your concern. Dubai is open for LLC set up in any zone. It is best to consider opening a trading company in Dubai free zone.

This zone is an ideal choice for all types of economic activities. There are benefits that you get when setting up your company in the free zone.

Consider local regulations

The process of LLC Company formation in Dubai is not difficult. You just have to ensure that you follow the right procedure. You have to consider the type of activities that you will conduct under trading. The approval for the activities will only be offered by the local authorities.

Based on the rules you may have to decide the activity. In some cases, for specific trade activities, you may need to obtain special trade permission.


To obtain the license and permission, it is a must that the documents are presented in the Arabic language. This is a must as per the local laws. You can hire local translation services for preparing the documents.

Notary demands

You will have to obtain the MOA after the documents have been prepared and submitted. The MOA can only be obtained legally via the notary office. The documents have to be notified by the legal authorities.

For this task, it is necessary that you only hire expert attorney services in Dubai or online. The tenancy contract is a must and has to be obtained in advance. This is only possible if you have legally submitted all the documents in order.

Benefits you get from LLC

There are numerous benefits that you get when setting up LLC in Dubai. One of the main benefits is that you may not have to worry about taxation. If the business set up is in the free zone then you are not liable to pay taxes.

The shareholders also have to bear limited liabilities. If you are a new company then LLCis beneficial to set up in Dubai. You save money on tax and liabilities.

All activities open

Once you have obtained an LLC license for conducting trade in Dubai free zone, then you are free to conduct all types of trades. Business setup in Dubai free zone offers this convenience. It is also possible for you to claim for Dubai residence visa permit.

To obtain this benefit you do not have to submit any documents. It is also not necessary to submit bank account details to the local authorities. LLC trade license in Dubai also offers with advantage to conduct free trade. You have fewer or no restrictions in conducting trade.

You have to ensure you hire the right services for your business set up. You do not have to invest any capital as well.

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