Portable Must Haves For Every RV Owner

Portable Must Haves For Every RV Owner

When traveling part time or full time, having the proper accessories to outfit your RV will make traveling more comfortable and efficient. Choosing quality accessories that are warrantied can ensure that you can move with more convenience and peace of mind. From portable waste tanks to generator auto-starters, RVupgrades offers all of the best RV accessories for caravans  on the road home.

Here are some of the best accessories to invest in for your mobile home or RV:

ShorePower Guard Emergency RV Generator Auto Start

Always have power when you’re on the road with the ShorePower Guard Emergency RV Generator Auto Start. This generator starter is ready to go, with no need to modify your inverter panel, allowing for easy installation with no complicated wire rerouting. The compact controller monitors ShorePower, and will automatically start your motorhome, making for hassle-free travel. Once ShorePower is restored, the generator will automatically disable and shut down, preserving the life of your generator. This device is a must for RVs with pets or heat sensitive items inside. The ShorePower Guard Emergency RV Generator works with both gas and propane generators and can be installed on a 30 or 50 Amp RV. The auto starter is pre-wired with 10” leads that are marked with function, but it should be noted that the ShorePower Guard Emergency RV Generator Auto Start requires an on/off switch, additional wire, wire ties, electrical tape and splice connections to complete the installation of the device.

Tote-N-Stor 25606 Portable RV Waste Tank

When you’re in the middle of nowhere, with no access to sanitation, make sure you come prepared with the Tote-N-Stor Portable Waste Tank. The tank provides 11 gallons of added wastewater storage and is designed with two wheels and an integrated handle for easy removal and transports. This larger waste storage container allows for longer stays at your campsite without requiring you to move to dump the waste tank. The tough polypropylene tank body construction, coupled with the low profile design, makes this tank a subtle yet handy addition to your RV or motorhome. The American-made tank arrives pre-assembled and comes guaranteed with a 2-year warranty. Dimensions: 31-3/8″ L x 15-1/2″ W x 9″ H.

Icon 12452 RV Fresh Water Holding Tank

Be sure you have water wherever you may roam with the Icon 12452 Fresh Water Holding Tank. This tank drastically increases your fresh water capacity, improving your fresh water system by replacing an undersized tank. With the impact resistant design, you can be sure that your fresh water tank will stand the test of time on even your wildest adventures. The rectangular container has a 54-gallon capacity, ensuring that you will always have an ample supply of freshwater, and is constructed with thermoplastic that makes for a fantastic performance and ensuring you will never be disappointed. All the Icon 12452 Fresh Water Holding Tanks come guaranteed with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

On The Go OTG2-DDI Duel Bed Standard Deionizer

Looking for additional methods to ensure you have fresh, purified water on-hand at all times?  The On The Go Duel Bed Standard Deionizer is the perfect dual bed tank system to provide you with an ample supply of water all while saving drastically on energy costs. This deionizer will produce 460 gallons of purified water at 250 PPM’s, and can rinse 15-38 RVs before having to replace its resin. This dual bed deionizer comes with a polypropylene cam lever for easy hookup, a high-flow shut-off valve, a carrying handle, cap and plug for travel, plus an easy-to-read handheld TDS meter. American-made, this deionizer comes guaranteed with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

No matter where you’re traveling to, having the right equipment that is well designed and runs efficiently will save you both time and money so you can enjoy your travels without technical and mechanical hassles. Whether you’re looking for one of the most reputable portable RV waste tanks or fresh water containers, find all of these premium products and more at RVupgrades.com.

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