The Four C’s Of Diamond Ring: Color Clarity Cut, and Carat

The Four C’s Of Diamond Ring: Color Clarity Cut, and Carat

For how long have you been dating your other significant? Maybe you are at a point now that you both talk about your life as a married couple, ready to take the next big step. Well, if such is the case then you both must be very excited, looking forward to all the marvels of a happily married couple. But before any of that happens you need to find The Ring. for many couples find the right engagement diamond ring matters a lot.

Shopping for diamond rings in Dubai can be a lot of fun. The markets are reloaded with exquisite golds and diamonds that you will easily be confused about which diamond ring to buy. Rather than engaging in the ins and outs of buying a diamond you need a cheat sheet to get your hands on the perfect diamond without getting astray in the market.

So to you help you out we have put together a brief tour guide for you to learn about the diamond.

The Supreme Highlights of a Diamond 

Okay, so every diamond is different. Whenever you will look for a diamond ring in Dubai o elsewhere, the jewelers will say one thing in unison, “which color, clarity, cut and carat do you want?”

These are the four essential qualities of a diamond you need to keep in mind when hunting for the perfect ring. And oh, don’t forget the band either because with the diamond comes the binding infinity love for the band too.

So What Sort of Bands Do You Need to Look For?

The diamond being the show stopper here, and’s importance should not be overlooked. After all, it’s the band you will be wearing. So your best options begin with two options;

  • Gold 

The most common choice even with the diamond and it comes in three shades, white, yellow, and rose.

  • Platinum 

It has a similar appearance to the white gold, but the appeal is stronger and durable.

Let’s speak about the 4 C’s of the Diamond 

So, the diamond is a pretty big deal. Instead of going blindly to shop for a diamond ring here are some of the basic diamond terminologies you need to know about.

  • The center stone  – So if you want a large diamond ring as the centerpiece, this is the ideal choice.
  • Solitaire –  a standalone diamond on the band.
  • Three stones – once a center stone is prominent with the other smaller stones on either side.
  • Halo – center stone comes with a halo-like effect and therefore circle of smaller stones surrounded by it

The quality of either stone is based on the four major categories. 

  1. Color 

Diamonds are rated according to the color. The more transparent the color is the more valuable a diamond is. For instance, the scale is ranked on  23-points that range from D to Z where D is the pure and colorless stone and  Z is a light brown or yellow in color.

Obviously the difference clear in terms of color. However, the highest quality of the diamonds ranks in grade D.

  1. Clarity 

Any imperfections are referred to in this category. Diamonds are polished gems like any other gemstone. They are supposed to be flawless but little do you know that a perfect diamond has its imperfections.

The imperfections are related to the formation of diamond.  Made from carbon, they are exposed to immense heat and pressures in the bowels of Earth. So, naturally, some diamonds e clear, colored, big or small. Each clarity brings a distinct quality to every piece of diamond.

The remarkable minuscule crystals are part of those imperfections known as the “inclusions”. So when you do buy a diamond do look carefully at the blemishes.

  1. Cut 

The cut refers to two things

  • The stone itself like round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, marquise, radiant or heart, etc.
  • The way either style of stone is actually “cut”.

Although either way, the cut has the least to do with the way they are cut. Evaluating a diamond cut is the most challenging task. Not all diamonds rank on a 5-point scale. It can be from excellent to poor in a blink of an eye.

For instance, if a diamond is internally flawless then it has no detectable inclusions and is known as an IF. the cut is relevant to the clarity.

  1. Carat 

Don’t get it confused with karat (weight to measure gold). Carats is the weight terminology for the diamonds. A carat is equal to 200 milligrams and is subdivided into 100 points. This allows precision when measuring the weight.

It is most noticeable by the trained jewelers. So if you were to get a diamond ring in Dubai you will find exquisite jewelers with a keen eye for the 4C’s of diamonds.

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