Tricks to Ensure Online Retailers don’t Miss Out on Vital Sales All around the year

Tricks to Ensure Online Retailers don’t Miss Out on Vital Sales All around the year

India is a country of festivals. Every month there is a festival going on and if you are in offline or online business you cannot find a better place than India. With the internet being widespread and affordable more and more customers are choosing to gift their distant relative via online stores.  And to tap into this rising trend the e retailers should be ready to ensure that those customers and does not have any trouble finding the product they were looking for.  And you have to keep in mind the less time they take to search their product the earlier they would reach their sales target.

Here are some ways through which you can increase your  during the festive seasons and also through out the year.


  1. An on-site search engine that finds niche products

Most of the customers while looking for the product they desire doesn’t know how to spell or misspell the product name while searching which might in return yield no result. To ensure that the customers reach to their desired product having an error tolerant search software should be a standard feature for your website. Doing so is especially important when a customer types a specific request for example “Seagate 2TB hard disk blue”. You have to keep in mind sometimes those niche items on your websites have high margins, so using on site feature can be a very important sales trigger factor.

  1. Suggest function – adapted to your sales goals

It has been noted that the product suggested by the software can trigger a sale. So by trying to show the related searches in drop down list can do wonder for you at the same time reduce your customer’s search time. If you use a more detailed version of suggestion which shows category, suggestion, brand etc it can make the shopping experience even smoother.

you should in accordance to your sales target choose which product will be displayed first which can be anything related to search query like new arrival, best selling etc. doing so will benefit you a lot in achieving your targets.


  1. Ranking Mixer to promote special products

It has been concluded in various studies that customers are more likely to buy a product rated higher or which is shown in top 5 of the search results. This study gives us an important point to consider, by controlling the results we can promote those products which give us high margins. Those high margins product can be anything related to your sales strategy. By doing so you can actually increase your sales.

  1. Dynamic filter navigation

Many times when a customer’s visit your e store they have a vague idea for what they are looking for, so instead of specifying the product they just name it in general. For example, if the customer type in ” fridge” then off courses such a result will show a lot of results which will leave the customers consfused. In order to effectively deal with this problem, we can place in a dynamic system of relevant articles which could pinpoint to what the customers were looking for we could keep in place a dynamic filter based on what data feed from your website searches.

  1. Brand Worlds – buying incentives through recognition

If you sell branded merchandises and the product is not evenly distributed on your web page but combined in a single page then my friend you are on the right track. Many popular brands on their website has a brand within a brand too with dynamic  website to ensure customers can see our product to its fullest, we can do the same on our website as it has been noted that customers who originally wanted to buy only one thing  bought more products as they discovered more products from the brand. Also if a particular brand gives you good margins you can alternatively give discounts and promo code to boost those products sales. Popular websites (Myntracashback) and ( flipkartcashback) offers heavy discounts and cash back services.

  1. Self-learning recommendation engine

User experience analysis has shown that online shoppers who received additional offers do not think of that service as a negative service but consider the service rather a useful one. People for instance who purchased a laptop will not have to look for the laptop bag or, mouse or keyboard guard, instead, they will be redirected to the recommendation which reduces their time.

If you follow this recommendations you will drastically see a difference in your sales and also a rise in customer satisfaction rate which is very important.

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