Why Hire The Best Maritime Lawyer in Abu Dhabi?

Why Hire The Best Maritime Lawyer in Abu Dhabi?

The judicial system of Abu Dhabi is a bit different from the rest of the world. For this reason, the success rate of western lawyers and advocates is not that great. Instead, local law firms deliver better performance in the judicial department.

Abu Dhabi is also the trade capital of the world and thousands of companies do business here in between them. As a result, many financial disputes in the financial sector occur every day. The maritime lawyer Abu Dhabi is an excellent law firm for arbitration and enforcement of commercial cases.

In which cases Maritime lawyers can help in Abu Dhabi

The trade rules of Abu Dhabi are very complex. For this reason, ordinary criminal lawyers are not qualified for these financial cases. Maritime lawyers are the best choice for corporate cases. Here are few types of cases where you can take their help.

  • Maritime Disputes
  • Arbitration & Enforcement
  • Construction Litigation
  • Banking and Finance Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Insurance & Reinsurance Litigation 

Why Maritime lawyers are the best

Most Maritime lawyers do not work alone. They have a dedicated team of lawyers who handle each case professionally. Before making any argument in the court, they discuss the subject with the client and their team thoroughly. These lawyers always go to the court well prepared.

They use all their intercultural knowledge and experience very well. Fighting can corporate or financial case with their support enhances the chances of winning. According to statistics, corporate and commercial lawyers in Abu Dhabi win 95% of financial cases.

How to settle Maritime Disputes in Abu Dhabi

As one of the largest trading hubs of the world, businesses in Abu Dhabi are active in worldwide trade and commerce. As a result, misunderstanding between different corporations is very common. These international business differences of opinion are called maritime disputes.

Hire, professional lawyers who have experience of both international and local business laws. These lawyers will give you the right direction and argue with the other party on your behalf. With the arbitration of the Abu Dhabi court, you can settle the dispute easily.

How to settle Banking and Finance Litigation in Abu Dhabi?

Most businesses of Abu Dhabi often have to face banking and finance litigations like lender liability, mortgage disputes, regulatory investigations, etc. These types of court cases are very technical. Along with an experienced lawyer, you also need a group of people knowledgeable in these technical terms.

Before appointing any law firm for these types of cases, check the technical qualification of the supporting team. Some of the best Banking & Finance Law Firm Abu Dhabi works in a group of 10 people. They work together for winning the case on behalf of the client.

How to settle Real Estate Litigation in Abu Dhabi?

The real estate market of Abu Dhabi is flourishing rapidly. This rapid growth is also causing frequent friction between different real estate companies and property buyers. These types of cases can run for years and inflate the fees of the lawyer.

Appointing experienced lawyers can settle the case outside of the court. As a result, both parties can come to a manageable settlement in less time. For an important real estate project, it is a big saving. However, choose your lawyer carefully, because only a good law firm can give you the best deal in real estate cases.

How important is a lawyer’s experience in court cases?

Along with the merit f the case, the experience of the lawyer also plays a deciding role in court cases. A lawyer with less experience will never be able to put the right arguments in front of the judge. Many lawyers also use delaying tactics to prolong the duration of the case.

This delaying tactic can affect any financial project dearly. For this reason, quick settlement of the case is necessary. Only an experienced lawyer can see through the tactics of an opponent lawyer and advice you appropriately for better financial gain.


If you are facing any financial litigation in the UAE, then hire the best banking lawyers in Abu Dhabi. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they can give you the best legal advice. It will help you make better financial and legal decisions for the case. As a result, you will save expensive time and resources for better use.

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