6 Benefits of a Diesel Engine

6 Benefits of a Diesel Engine

Have you ever wondered why many Europeans most often buy cars with diesel engines? After all, the standard of living and per capita income in Europe allows people not to care about the fuel cost. But despite this, they continue to increasingly buy cars with diesel engines and the reason here is not only fuel economy. 

The popularity of diesel engines is associated with a number of other advantages that diesel vehicles have when compared with gasoline counterparts. Let’s find out together in detail advantages has a diesel engine.

1. Diesel Engines Are More Economical

The most important and significant advantage of any diesel engine compared to gasoline counterparts is its lower fuel consumption. The low consumption of the diesel unit is associated with its feature of converting diesel fuel into energy. Such a diesel unit burns fuel more efficiently, which allows it to receive about 45-50% of all energy from one volume of burned fuel. The gasoline engine receives about 30% of the energy from the same volume. 

All modern diesel engines due to the lack of a throttle valve, which is usually used in all gasoline vehicles, are more efficient. This allows diesel engines to avoid the loss of precious energy associated with the absorption of air, which is necessary to ignite the fuel in gasoline engines.

2. Diesel Engines Are More Reliable Than Gasoline Engines

Over the past 50 years, diesel engines have established themselves as more reliable than their gasoline competitors. The main feature of this diesel unit is the lack of an ignition system in the car, which operates on a high voltage basis. In a car with a diesel engine, there is no radio frequency interference from the high voltage line, which often becomes the culprit of problems with the car’s electronics.

It is also believed that most of the internal components of a diesel engine have a longer service life and this is true. All because of a higher compression ratio. The components of such a diesel power unit are already initially more durable. It is for this important reason that there are so many diesel cars in the world with a mileage of about 1 million kilometers and not so many with the same mileage of gasoline cars.

3. Lower Cost of Ownership

With such an advantage (owning a car with a gasoline engine) it is certainly difficult to argue since in certain cases the cost of maintenance and repair of diesel cars can significantly exceed the cost of maintenance of gasoline cars. This is really an indisputable and proven fact. But on the other hand, if count the total costs, then owning a diesel car is less than the same gasoline counterpart. Especially in those car markets where there is an increased demand for diesel cars.

4. Diesel Cars Are Safer

It has been proven that diesel is much safer than gasoline for several reasons. Diesel fuel is less susceptible to quick and easy ignition (fire) in comparison with gasoline. Diesel fuel itself does not ignite when exposed to a high heat source. Diesel fuel also does not emit dangerous fumes, like gasoline. As a result, the probability of ignition of vapors is significantly lower in diesel cars than in gasoline ones.

5. Diesel Car Exhaust Has Less Carbon Monoxide

Diesel engines produce less carbon monoxide than gasoline counterparts. This advantage is particularly evident and noticeable in non-automotive power facilities, such as diesel generators. Gasoline ones are more dangerous because of their high carbon monoxide concentration, which is dangerous for humans and can be poisoned.

6. Diesel Engines Are More Durable

When diesel engines first appeared on cars, they showed everyone their amazing features. In comparison with gasoline units, diesel engines have a long service life. As we have already said, this happens due to the peculiarities of their work, since diesel engines in their design and assembly require stronger wear-resistant parts for use on them. Diesel itself has excellent lubricating properties compared to gasoline.

The resource of diesel engines is usually twice as high as the same gasoline units (motors). If after 500 000 miles on the gasoline you will be forced to sell your car for cash, then diesel one is able to serve you more. 

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