Digital Publishing Solutions The Right Way to Monetize The Online Content

Digital Publishing Solutions The Right Way to Monetize The Online Content

Better digital publishing solutions are the answer to rapidly growing readership trends. They enhance the consumption of news on mobile devices, the popularity of apps, and buying publications directly through browsers.  

The ultimate goal of technology is to support publishers in the process of creation, distribution, and monetization. The technological development resulted in the appearance of the requirement to implement digital solutions for publishers. Today, technology is improving to fulfill different purposes but primarily to set online publishing trends. 

With new and multiple digital solutions and platforms became a way to reach modern multi-devices readers, and a possibility to grow revenue.  

Digital publishing solutions

Over time, we’ve come to familiarize ourselves with a lot of new technology. These have been adapted and actively used after being proven successful. 

  • Digital Magazines
  • Mobile Magazine Apps
  • News Apps
  • Online newspaper 
  • Digital news-sites

These solutions have enabled publishers to form dedicated digital newsstands for online PDF issues, mobile magazine apps, and the native news apps for WordPress, without any need for coding skills. With time we’ve come to accept that the lesser control the editorial team has, the more time consuming digital publishing becomes. 

Digital news/ Magazine

A smart cms with a monetization tool can help one set up their digital website and carry out transactions on a site with ease. This enables instant publishing and selling PDF publications in a custom touch. Customers get access to a better variety of magazines through the internet. 

Digital publishers can now increase their sales and subscriptions significantly, using the potential of websites’ internet traffic. After using a decent monetization support, they can not only get revenue but also a better data on their users which can be used to create better content. Buying and reading content online in website browsers is available for readers immediately. 

Game changers : 

  • quick and reliable payments authentication
  • PDF protection preventing download or share paid content without permission
  • integrating PDFs with YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Slideshare, and other sources users can access easily.

Readers who wish to get particular issues can use their existing Google, PayPal, or social media accounts to quickly authorize themselves, this can make their entire journey super smooth and frictionless. Interested users can buy access to publications through online micropayments and can read them in the same browser instantly.

Publishers can now easily provide a solution for selling PDF access, offering great reading experience in a flip page manner across multiple devices like desktops, mobiles or tablets. Readers can enjoy content with flexible zooming and easy navigation with thumbnails.

The extra mile for digital magazines

Digital publishing is a wide playing ground. It has different kinds of publications based on a series of differences- be it in the model of revenue or content. Thankfully, there are digital publishing solutions for magazine publishers as well as platforms for book authors to self-publish online. Technology has been striving forward with the hope to expand for every niche possible. 

Opening up to the digital form of content distribution and creating an online newsstand or a digital book store, brings publishers, authors and content creators a lot of benefits- they can be closer to their loyal readers, reach out to new ones, achieve global range, and increase revenue. The digital library with unlimited storage allows the readers 24/7 access to all the digital editions. 

Mobile Magazine Apps

Reaching to the mobile first users and building brand awareness on app stores has become business goals for most magazine publishers. The right mobile publishing platform will help put your magazine on the biggest digital newsstands in the world, like – Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.

Digital marketing tools boost the mobile publishing experience with : 

  • Push Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Social media – inshorts/RSS feed
  • Dedicated Web Store
  • Dedicated Landing Page
  • Social Media Sharing

A digital solution for publishers such as a mobile app makes it impossible for the readers to forget about the brand. The push notifications will send customized messages on the user’s device and notify about articles that are relevant to the search feed of the user. Being able to adjust contrast and text size can significantly increase the comfort of reading text for the users. Even if users can’t read a piece right after getting a notification, there is a possibility of saving pages that catch interest. 

Social media integrations allow for Instagram/Facebook/Twitter to stream inside an app. Readers can share content quickly and easily, increasing ranges and visibility of publications without the publishers’ participation. This spreads faster and helps you engage more audience. 

Monetizing apps 

Native mobile apps for digital publishers provide opportunities to monetize content for the mobile first audience, boost communication with readers, improve the quality of Internet traffic to the content and increase blog retention.

The right digital publishing solution distributes digital content into a mobile app, providing a better looking and smoother interference for readers. 

Native mobile ad channels for a web magazine have proven to provide a better user experience and help publishers boost content revenue. In order to facilitate the process of getting more subscribers (and, as a result, increasing revenue), one can add a secure paywall strategy for their users without missing out on any revenue and using the gap for advertisements to balance the revenue requirements.

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