Here’s how AR is forging the Future of Social Media! Things That’ll Change in 2020?

Here’s how AR is forging the Future of Social Media! Things That’ll Change in 2020?

Augmented reality is gaining a lot of popularity and it is becoming a part of different industries and platforms. It has also made its way to social media and has impacted its trends. AR is becoming a visible part of the popular social networks like Instagram, Facebook, etc. AR technology is constantly improving.

AR has become an integral part of social media and is expected to play an important role in determining the future social media trends. Many brands and marketing companies need to be aware of the latest trends so that they can create strategies that will help them to make a mark on the industry.

People often consider virtual reality and augmented reality the same thing but they are quite different from each other. There are some similarities between the two terms but both cannot be put into one basket.

Virtual reality creates a whole new world from scratch. It is a simulation of the real and imagined world. Augmented reality, on the other hand, takes the real world and creates computer-generated virtual generated augmentation of reality.

Here are a few ways augmented reality is expected to shape the future trends of social media so keep an eye out for ways AR will shape social media in 2020.

AR expected to bring new content delivery approach:

Different social media application developers have come up with advertising ideas that are AR-based as they find it more effective in delivering the message to the consumers. Nowadays customers prefer businesses that offer interactive content and with the help of AR, the businesses can make their social media profiles highly interactive. The social media content is expected to move completely from 2D to 3D as it is going to be powered by AR. Snapchat was the first social media platform to explore AR integrations and users loved it. After Snapchat’s success other popular social media platforms are also trying the new approach by using AR to deliver their content to the audience. Content developers need to focus on creating exciting new content that suits their needs and taste.

Creating a new market on social media:

Customer demands are changing with time and with the changes new markets are emerging. The emergence of new markets is to satisfy consumer demands. The existing market is also eager to keep up with the technology and use it to stay relevant.

Businesses need to get ready and link up with the technology and focus on achieving sales goals. They need to figure out a way to target the new markets and taking advantage of the AR technology is a great approach to get introduced to the new markets. Social media is a perfect platform for new and innovative markets. The platforms make it possible to use AR and create interactive content that is appropriate for the customers.

Extending live experiences on social media:

A future social media trends that marketers need to be aware of is impulse buying driven by AR advertisements. The social media users will be offered AR adverts that will get their attention and make sure that the sales increase.

Social media advertising holds a lot of potential and marketers need to find creative ways to take advantage of the potential. These platforms allow users to see images and videos which make it easier to incorporate AR and provide a beautiful world to the viewers.

Social media users are no longer interested in edited video adverts and they are looking for a better experience so if you want the consumers to make impulse purchases then the adverts need to be impressive and interactive. High-quality AR adverts will give the consumers what they are looking for and will play a huge role in impulse purchases therefore, driving brand sales.

Tool for cognitive and empathy enhancement:

The digital market is a great platform for spreading information and telling people about what you have to offer. Using AR will make social media an effective tool for addressing issues that are global. Spreading the word through social media is effective as a single hashtag can make an issue trending within minutes. Augmented reality is effective in evoking empathy levels from social media users across the globe. The AR-based platforms are perfect for getting the attention of the users. AR offers a new and creative channel for telling stories and getting better results.

Sharing content on the go:

Integrating AR with social media platforms will give users an opportunity to share the adverts on the go. Tools like live social media, phone cameras, and smart glasses make sharing easier. It gives creators of the content an opportunity to create engaging online tutorials, customer reviews,  and videographers can create user-friendly content. It ensures customer engagement which increases retention rate.

Another popular trend is allowing users to share their reviews and ratings with other social media users. It gives consumers a chance to share their opinion and also help other users to choose the right products or services. Businesses need to encourage social media users to leave their opinion on their page as it will help in building credibility.

Live events:

With the help of AR, businesses can increase their reach and get in touch with more target customers. Augmented reality allows businesses to get more audiences for live events. Not all potential customers can go to live events but that does not mean that you cannot get them involved in the event. Businesses can use live events to keep all the customers in the loop regarding new developments. There are a lot of organizations that are already implementing the AR technology to engage with the clients.


Augmented reality is a great technology and it offers a bright future for social media platforms and companies. The future social media trends will have a huge impact on future sales of a business so it is crucial to keep up with them and explore their impact. It is social media marketers’ responsibility to take full advantage of any technology that is introduced so that they are able to target new markets and increase your clientele.

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