Innovative Ways Brands Can Build Strong Connections with Customers

Innovative Ways Brands Can Build Strong Connections with Customers

Even though a brand’s main aim is to sell their products to customers, it’s important that brands fulfill their other goals as well. Building strong connections with customers allows not only for the brand’s popularity to increase with their consumers but it also furthers brand loyalty in whatever sphere the business operates.

Nowadays, everything is going digital. Thus, if you are a brand which only works offline then you are in the wrong. Along with an offline base, it is essential that you invest in an online platform for your brand as well. Gone are the days when the television, radio, and newspapers were the biggest sources of information. The internet has replaced these mediums as the go-to source for data in this technologically advanced world. Not only does the internet allow for swifter methods of promoting a brand’s products, but it also improves connection building with customers on a global scale.

Methods by which Brands can improve their Relationships with Customers

  • Don’t make your brand a product seller but a lifestyle promoter: People don’t only buy products to consume them, but also to make them a part of their lifestyle. Think of the adventurous Mountain Dew ads which make people associate the fizzy drink with going on an expedition. Apple inspires top-notch quality with its products and people tend to associate Apple products with high levels of technological sophistication. So, if you wish to increase connection with your customers, then market your products in a way which inspire a way of life among your consumers. For example, if you see a perfume ad from an established company, for example, the Dolce & Gabbana commercials featuring Scarlet Johansson, then you feel a sense of glamour when you wear the perfume Scarlet Johansson is seen spraying on her skin in the advertisements. Therefore, by depicting your products in a certain setting, your consumers will be drawn to your products by the way of life that they are placed in the commercials.
  • Make your buyer the protagonist of your tale: Your ads should not only tell a story but should also feature a character that people can look to as a hero. This is because people will begin associating themselves with the heroic user of the product in the commercial, allowing for a stronger relationship with your consumers. Suppose you are promoting a sports story related to cricket. Then make your protagonist an aspirant who aims to play on the international level for his or her home country. The more relatable your story to your consumer, the stronger the relationship that you are able to build with them.
  • Stylise your products as solutions to frequent problems: Instead of simply describing your product as 100% Authentic or Made By Professionals, you should showcase your products in a way which they can act as solutions to problems faced by people every day. Consider the example of the Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial by Budweiser where it showcases a dog running away from its owner. So here Budweiser effectively showed the rectification of a common problem (a runaway pet) with Budweiser as the problem solver.
  • Ask for feedback: One of the best aspects of businesses going online is that they have a faster connection to the users of their products. Even now, businesses such as restaurants hand their customers a survey after they are done eating in order for them to review the brand’s food as well as other aspects of the restaurant. In the same vein (and without any paperwork) feedback from customers can be obtained online. The go-to websites for posting review requests are of course social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. All you need is to set up a page on these sites and ask for reviews. Brands with a Facebook page can not only get reviews of their products, but the brands themselves can be rated on a star system as well as be reviewed by customers. Asking for feedback definitely helps not only in highlighting the brand’s achievements and shortcomings, but it also helps to build a stronger relationship with their customers.
  • Don’t just market your product to a target audience, let your product cater to your buyers’ needs: A common mistake by companies is basing the promotion of their products on their audience’s wants instead of their needs. This is mostly due to a lack of online research by the firm. Therefore, companies prefer hiring digital agency in UAE to handle this part of the job.

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