15 Tips to Hire Person Who Will Do More Than Fill A Seat

15 Tips to Hire Person Who Will Do More Than Fill A Seat

You don’t ask an engineer to “Do my accounting assignment“, do you? The engineer may or may not have the knowledge of accounting, but ideally, you should always as an accountant for such assistance. Similarly, if you are hiring for a job, it is important to find a person who can fulfil the job roles you are willing him/her to fulfil.

It is possible to get accounting help from online experts if you can’t finish your accounting assignment on time. But when you hire a person and then train him/her for the job, and then he/she fails miserably, it’s a loss of time and resource.

Here are some tips that you should use while hiring a person:

1. Look for people who are not just smart but are also eager to do the job:

It is recommended to hire smart people. But at the same time, you need to make sure that the person is humble and is interested in being a part of the company.

2. Identify the specific characteristics needed for your team:

Before you start conducting interviews for a job, determine what characteristics your team needs from the new recruit.

3. Look for the traits that you need in a candidate; not the one you want:

It is important to differentiate between the set of traits that you need in a candidate and the set of traits you want in a candidate. The need is always more important than what you want.

4. Judge all the candidates under the same rubric:

While taking the interviews, set a standard for it. Maintain the same standard for the interview for every candidate.

5. Prepare yourself for every interview you conduct:

Prepare the questions you want to ask the candidate in the next interview. Also, prepare yourself to keep calm even if things don’t go the way you have planned.

6. Resist yourself from judging a candidate too soon:

They say, don’t judge a book by its cover. The same is applicable for the candidates. Never judge a person by your initial impression on him/her.

7. Don’t hire someone only because of his/her resume:

Someone can have an impressive resume with great achievements. But does not mean you should lower the standard of your interview for him/her.

8.Don’t hire someone just because you see yourself in him/her:

Refrain from hiring someone who has the same qualities and traits as you. Hire the person only if he/she is perfect for the job.

9.Look for someone who can add something new to the company culture:

Try hiring a person who can add something new to your company culture in a positive way, instead of preferring someone who seems fit for the company culture.

10.Don’t allow the interviewees to use business jargons:

Some candidates may use business jargons during the interview to sound smarter. Don’t fall for such tricks.

11. Ask some off-topic questions:

To ensure the person is smart enough, try asking him/her questions that he/she would not have prepared for.

12. Ask follow-up questions:

When you get an answer to the question from the candidate, ask some follow-up questions to see how better he/she can answer.

13.Create a situation to see how the person performs in a job setting:

To see how the person performs in the job setting, create a situation for him/her where he/she can show his/her skills to fulfil the job role.

14.Keep the candidate from discussing things with other interviewees:

It is important to see what the candidate has to offer on his/her own. If you let him/her discuss things with other candidates, they may influence his/her interview.

15. Debrief and self-assess after every interview:

Take time to give and get feedback from other interviewers in the interview process. This will help you improve the interviewing process.

Well, it is never easy to hire someone for a professional job. However, if you can incorporate these tips, you have a better chance of getting the perfect candidate for the job.

Summary: There are a number of tricks that you should use in order to hire a person who is a perfect fit for the designated job. The article discusses 15 such useful tips which every recruiter should use while conducting an interview.

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