Five Things to Know Before Getting Started With Softball

Five Things to Know Before Getting Started With Softball

Softball is one of the best games with fewer or no haters. Everyone from adults to young ones can enjoy this sport with great entertainment. In fact, there is no good or bad timing of getting introduced to this sport. However, first-timers usually get nervous before getting started.

But trust us; once you get acclimated with this sport, there is nothing that can hold you back.

So, let us help you understand a few things about softball. After all, having knowledge in a particular field is a great way to get started as well as decrease nervousness to a certain extent.

And if you are a parent who is introducing softball to the child for the first time, then ensure that you share these following details with your child too.

So, let’s get started!

1 It Isn’t Just Like “Playing Baseball”:

Even though there are various similarities between baseball and softball, you must know that there are various differences too.

So, before you get started, you must know the differences, such as:

  • Softball is played on a smaller field that has 60-foot base paths. And since the dimensions are smaller, the game becomes even more interesting, allowing the player to use techniques like slap hitting.
  • In softball, you won’t find the pitcher’s mound. Instead, you will come across a flat “pitcher’s circle” that has rubber in the center.
  • The pitchers throw underhand in softball and not overhand like baseball.
  • The baserunners aren’t allowed to take the lead off before the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.

2 The Ball Isn’t Particularly Soft:

Initially, when softball was introduced in 1887 by Chicago men, the intention was to create an indoor game that can be played even during the winters. The balls in those days were soft as they were created out of boxing gloves (legendary belief). And since the softball wouldn’t travel a long distance, no gloves were used.

But as the game progressed, so did the hardness of the ball.

A typical softball is bigger than baseball to ensure the ball doesn’t travel a long distance, making it best to play the sport indoors.

3 There Are Two Versions Of This Game:

There are two codes for playing softball, these are:

  • Slowpitch: With slow pitch, the pitcher is required to pitch slowly to loop the ball to the batter. This version is better for those who are just getting started with the sport. Likewise, if you are one of those who don’t want to undergo hardcore training but still want to play baseball, then opt for slow pitch softball tournaments.
  • Fastpitch: As the name suggests, the pitchers can windmill the ball underhand as hard as they want. This version of the game is quite taxing as it requires a serious competitive streak and quick reflexes.

Other difference in the versions is:

  • Slowpitch allows ten players on the field, while fastpitch only allows nine players. The 10th player in slow pitch can be the fourth outfielder.

4 This Sport Favors All Type Of Athleticism:

Softball is fun, but it isn’t necessarily easy. This is because every player needs to work on their throwing, catching, swinging, batting, and fielding skills. Besides, the players also need to work on their physical and mental stamina in case the ball hits them on the field.

Even though one doesn’t require staying in shape the whole year long, but whenever a new season approaches, the preparation includes:

  • Running or jogging to boost endurance
  • Play catch to enhance the arm strength
  • Get used to at-bats to enhance hitting approach
  • Practice base running to get familiar with the best path around.

5 Get Ready To Get Dirty:

Well, softball is played on grass outfield and dirt diamond, meaning it isn’t a wise choice to wear your best outfits.

Likewise, you don’t want to seem like a rookie on the ground either, so it is wise to pick some softball-specific attires while getting started with the practices.

Even though many rec players prefer wearing shorts for the game to feel better playing in the sun, but if you end up sliding, you may enter a risky proposition. If you think you won slide while playing casually, only then choose to wear shorts. Or else, opt for software or baseball pants. You may feel a bit warmer, but these pants will offer better defense against the scraping if you fall or dive in the gap to catch the ball. Plus, these pants are durable too.

Over to You

So, there you go. These are some hard and fast details about softball that will help you get started with the sport easily.

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