So, you’re all happy & cheerful as you’ve been shortlisted by an Australian University. You have that Certificate of Enrolment (CoE) in your hand. A proof that the gates of Australian Education are now open for you. You’re almost ready to go! But where is your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)? What about your 500 Visa?

You turn a blind eye to the International Student Health Insurance part and think of the beautiful student life that you’ve always wanted to live. Student life is always awesome. Especially in Australia. Not only do you get to study in one of the most developed countries of the world, you also get to meet a lot of people, make friends, indulge in different cultures, take part in various sports and activities, try out new cuisines, live the Australian way of life & make memories for a lifetime.

REWIND! A primary requirement of getting your 500 visa issued is not just having your CoE, but having adequate proof of an OSHC as well. This is made mandatory in condition – 8501 of the students’ visa. The condition specifically asks the applicant (student) & his/her family to maintain a decent level of OSHC Health Cover while in Australia.


  • Healthcare costs in Australia are extremely pricey! The average cost for a person admitted into an Australian hospital with a private bed and basic medical facilities could be around 1000 AU$ or more! Yes, for just one day. Imagine the costs if you were to prolong your hospital stay, consult a specialist and avail extra services!
  • You’re not an Australian, and therefore you are NOT eligible for Medicare, the public healthcare system of Australia. Australia takes pride in being one of the few countries in the world that provides its citizens with top-class healthcare services free of cost.
  • Contrary to the point mentioned above, Australia does have a Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement (RHA) with a few countries. Meaning – They can avail all the benefits & services given to Australian citizens. Check if your country is in this list of eleven countries Australia has RHA with! Norway, the Netherlands, Malta, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, Finland, Slovenia & Italy. But, to avail Medicare benefits, students from these countries need to have an Overseas Student Health Insurance first! Surely go for an Overseas Student Insurance if you’re a citizen of any of the other 184 countries in the world!
  • There are a few exemptions to OSHC however. If you’re a student from Belgium, Norway or Sweden and are already covered or registered under various schemes, you are exempted from getting an OSHC Health Cover!
  • Lastly, it’s mandated by the Home Affairs Department!

You could state an argument that you are perhaps a healthy person and that your health is not affected by any illness. But come on! Everyone does come under the weather at least some times a year, no matter how strong they are. But again, what if an injury occurs? What if there is an accident? An emergency? What would you do then?

Can You Foresee Something Like This

Reminder: Reread the first point! Without an adequate OSHC, you might perhaps end up spending a significant amount of your earnings or savings on your medical bills! Do you want that to happen? Do you want your student life to be affected by this now and then? Do you want to be in a constant strain thinking about your health & finances all the time?

If you mentally thought ‘NO’ even before the question was completed, there is one good thing you can do. A step to safeguard both your health and wallet and stay covered for all possible costs that might medically arise. Buy your Best Overseas Health Insurance. In a nutshell, the insurance backs you by granting you access to FREE & affordable Australian medical systems, should any unforeseen event occur. In this case, your insurer pays for all the expenses incurred.


100% of your Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) fee is taken care of by your OSHC. In cases involving a specialist requirement or those involving services like radiology & pathology, 85% – 100% of your MBS fee is covered, depending upon the insurer & package taken. In general, some facilities usage charges commonly covered under an OSHC are in – hospital & out – hospital facilities, emergency services, prescription items, direct access to the doctor/specialist, in – house treatment, palliative care, surgically implanted prostheses, psychological advice, etc. Again, a lot of extras may be added/removed/may change from provider to provider. You can purchase other services too, as part of extras!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Having an insurer back your medical expenses whenever you fall sick or have a medical condition without you having to spend a single penny on unwanted costs. Here, I give you Australian certified health insurers in the market.


Australia OSHC Health Insurance Providers

If you have questions like Will this be worth it? Which one to buy? Pricing & costs? Are there hidden costs? Or more, find all the answers and arrive at your best decision with GetMyPolicy.online today. Have a look at various plans, features, prices & compare them and buy your perfect OSHC Health Insurance, best suited to your budget & needs.

Live that worry – free student life in Australia today!

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