10 Perfect Gift Ideas For A 21st Birthday

10 Perfect Gift Ideas For A 21st Birthday

Turning 21 is a huge celebration for any young person, especially if they’re having a party or celebration get together. While there are a range of gifts out there, there are only a few ideas that work well for anyone. Women and men often like different things which is fine too, but it’s great if you can get something unisex. Perfect gifts are sometimes personal, while others are yummy treats that most people will enjoy. It’s essential you thoroughly think about your gifts before buying as not everyone will like what you do!

Below is a list of 10 gift ideas that are perfect for a 21st birthday, even if you’re not sure what will work. These gift ideas aren’t in any particular order, but we have numbered them to make it easier to navigate.

Glass Token

Nothing quite says personal as a glass token, they are sold all over the internet and it’s often lasered glass with a special message. For a 21st birthday you may want to consider getting a large 21st engraved into it. Spaceform are a great company who offer unique glass tokens for all different occasions.

Name a Star

Haven’t you always wanted to look up into the sky and see a star that is named after you? It’s definitely a unique gift and not something that everyone thinks of. Use a website like Star Registration to register a beautiful shining star for that special 21st birthday.

Engraved Necklace

Often considered a classic gift, an engraved necklace is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a personal touch. Perhaps add a message about their birthday or just how great of a person they are. Whatever you choose, they’re sure to love it!

Giant Cookie

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love a cookie? We definitely love them! No one can resist the beauty of a yummy treat, and when it’s enlarged it gets even better. Millie’s Cookies offer these gift ideas in their stores or they’re also available to order online but if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are many other businesses who offer similar large cookies!

Personalised Cufflinks

The perfect gift for any smart and professional 21-year-old, cufflinks are an essential element to the classic suit, but what is better than typical designs? Personalised ones! Various sellers on Etsy and Not on the High Street sell these cufflinks with different available fonts. It’s a fun and creative 21st birthday present that you can almost guarantee no one else will buy for the birthday boy or girl.


Do we need to say much else about buying a bottle of champagne for the birthday king or queen other than the fact that it’s definitely a great idea?

Personalised Cupcakes

Sweet treats are such a desirable birthday present, especially cake! Who doesn’t love cake on their birthday? Cupcakes are a great gift idea for anyone who is turning 21. Plus, online you can practically find a range of businesses who offer beautifully made and decorated cupcakes. The likes of Candy’s Cupcakes offer delivery nationally across the UK so there is no need to worry about the location of their store. However, if you do prefer visiting instore, the option for this is available too.

Horoscope Print

If your buying for someone who loves their horoscope and often pays attention to what it says, then getting them their own framed horoscope print for their bedroom or home is a great idea. There are so many colours to choose and the best thing is, it’s not necessarily personalised but it is personal to them!

Throwback Playlist/CD

Everyone loves a musical throwback, especially when it involves cheesy music hits from the early 2000’s. Taking the time to put together a throwback playlist and make it into a CD so personal to someone which means they will appreciate it! This is especially good for someone who appreciates the small gestures as it doesn’t cost a lot and is considered a budget option but if it’s something they will love, this doesn’t matter!


If you’re buying a 21st birthday gift for someone who is close to you, and you two have many photos together, it might be best to buy something totally personalised. Print off your favourite photo of both of you and purchase a beautiful frame to match. This is a cute and unique gift they can treasure forever! Perhaps if they’re a family member or a close friend this gift idea would work, especially if they’re someone who likes to keep their memories as physical objects around them.

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