8 Tips on How to Make Your Windows Shine

8 Tips on How to Make Your Windows Shine

If you noticed that there is no sunshine inside your house, you know what it means. It’s high time to clean your windows! But don’t panic this is not the biggest problem in your life. Moreover, successful window cleaning doesn’t require any expensive equipment or tricks to remove fingertips and dirt. In this article, we gathered eight tips to make your windows shine.

1. The proper time to start cleaning 

You may wonder how the time of the day you are cleaning may be related with shiny windows. The fact is that the heat of the sun causes the cleaning solution to dry quickly and causes stains and streaks on the window glass. If you choose the right time for cleaning, your task will be completed with less trouble. The most suitable time of day is the early morning or night hours when the sun’s rays don’t reach the windows.

2. Cleaning tools

Choosing the right equipment for aluminum windows cleaning is able to greatly facilitate the process. You need to be sure that the cloth or tool you pick is suitable for cleaning. Incorrect clothes or towels can leave dust and fluff on the glass and you will get even more dirty windows. Do you know that you can use the newspaper to clean the windows? Use the combination of a cleaning solution, water, and a newspaper or microfiber cloth. A squeegee is one more suitable tool for window cleaning. In addition, it is better to avoid using hard bristles that can scratch the glass.

3. Simple cleaning solutions

Take one cup of warm water, mix it with one cup of white vinegar and your perfect cleaning solution is ready. You can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid into the solution in order to clean very dirty windows (kitchen windows are usually hard to clean). You can also try black tea as a cleaning solution. You need to brew a cup of strong tea and let it cool. Spray cold tea on the windows and wipe it with a newspaper or a microfiber cloth.

4. The remains of stickers

If you have small children in your house, you probably have a lot of stickers everywhere including the windows as well. After removing, they often leave a sticky mark that is collecting dust and fur. Rubbing alcohol can easily end up with the remains of stickers.

5. Hard water stains

Hard water spots on bathroom mirrors, windows, and shower doors can be removed with the help of the vinegar solution. If the stains are hard to clean, try to use dryer sheets.

6. Dirty window tracks

You cannot consider your windows perfectly clean if the tracks are dirty. It is better to clean them regularly because they can become too gross to touch. Window tracks are quite narrow so you need a toothbrush or a sponge brush to clean this area better. Spread baking soda in tracks, add some vinegar and leave for 5-10 minutes. After that wipe away the dust with the help of a toothbrush or a sponge brush.

7. The nets 

If you can take off the dirty nets, you can easily wash them in a shower or outdoors. But if it’s impossible, you can use a lint roller to take off the dust, spider webs, and other dirt. Then wipe the nets with the help of a wet cloth to make them clean.

8. How to keep your windows stainless?

So you thoroughly cleaned your windows and look so shiny and spotless. Of course, you would want to prolongate their look at least for a while. You can try to use glass treatment that makes dirty water slide from the areas you use it.

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