What Are The Benefits of Hotstar Premium?

What Are The Benefits of Hotstar Premium?

Once you go with the Hotstar premium membership plan you would get the most that you can not find from other membership plans. Hotstar premium allows you to show all content whatever is available on this platform. Whether you want to see live sports, new web series, and all national and international movies.

Hotstar provides two types of subscriptions plan Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium. There are some distinctions between both of them and we can draw a conclusion that Hotstar Premium is better than the Hotstar VIP.  Because in the Hotstar premium option you can find better control in all Hotstar content. 

In this article, we want to explain everything about the benefits of the Hotstar premium and how it could be a better option for you if you love online streaming shows.

Price is not a big factor but the content:

When you check the Hotstar plans you will find two options one of them is Hotstar VIP and next is Hotstar Premium. And here pricing difference does matter because the Hotstar VIP rate is for per year /month and 44$/year for the Hotstar Premium. Here you find that Hotstar Premium is much expensive than Hotstar VIP. 

Here you can guess that if Premium plan charging the most, then this plan has some extra benefits that are not available in the Hotstar VIP plan. 

The extra benefits of the Hotstar Premium plan:

You have found the pricing aspect of the Hotstar plan. Now, what are some other points that make some difference between Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium? The difference is broadcasting international or American shows. With the help of Hotstar Premium, you can watch all content either they are national or international. 

Here we want to mention some popular international shows that you can see in the Hotstar Premium plan:

1. Game of throne 

2. Chernobyl

3. IPL-2020

4. Barry

5. Euphoria

However, you can watch the Indian Premier League with Hotstar VIP plan but for other international or American shows, you have to convert your plan into the Premium.

Choose Hotstar Premium for better control:

We hope you found what is the best option for you. Here I would suggest that taking full control of the Hotstar can make your experience better than ever. So going through the Premium option might be the best option for you. But if you want to fully aware of every content of Hotstar Premium you can use it for a free week. Here you need to put your credit card’s details on the Hotstar payment option and you will get your free subscription for a week. You can explore every content of Hotstar Premium and after that, you can make a balanced decision. 

Hotstar Promo Code For US:

This is the best option if you find this subscription plan expensive. We provide you the Hotstar Promo code with some discount options. That you can use during your subscription payment. Hotstar coupon code USA is the best option for you if you want to purchase an annual subscription.   

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