The Secret To Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress Online

The Secret To Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress Online

For most brides, if not all, the quest for their dream wedding dress begins online. Nothing is more satisfying than scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram feeds with your bridesmaids and collecting all your favourite wedding gowns and wedding info. So, why stop there? Why not make the final purchase online? Online wedding dress shopping will be easy, efficient, and cost-effective. So, for all you beautiful brides looking for a wedding dress online, We at Mimi Toko, partnering with Blue by Enzoani London, have come up with these five expert tips to find a dream dress without leaving your home.

Here are the 5 Key-Points To Consider Before Buying Your Wedding Dress Online.

1. Know Your Size

Choosing the perfect size can be a little tricky, but Don’t panic! Take one step at a time. Start with collecting your necessary measurements, that is, your bust, waist, and hips. Get a bridesmaid to help if you need to. These measurements will help you determine your size. When you are done with the first step, look for the sizing chart on the designer’s website and ascertain the exact size you will need. In case you are in-between sizes, we recommend going for the bigger one! Find an expert in advance who will help you achieve a flawless fit by altering your dress. Once the dress arrives, get your tailor to take measurements, as well as the length you want.

Tip – While deciding the length of your wedding gown, keep your shoes and veil in mind.

 2. Research About The Fabric & Fit

When you buy a wedding dress from a bridal boutique, there are specialists to guide you about the fabrics and other details, and you can always try out the dress to know if it is comfortable or not. But online, you will have to gather information on each fabric before finalizing a gown for yourself. It will take a lot of research, but trust us, every second spent in researching will be worth it!

Almost all dresses will look gorgeous in photos, but make sure to read the descriptions to know about the fabric and fit. If you want a soft and comfortable gown, go for crepe, chiffon, or silks. And, if you are looking for something more structured, choose a corset or satin; they will accentuate your figure and look incredibly elegant.

3. Shop With Trusted Sources

Buying your dream wedding dress is a huge emotional as well as financial investment, so the last thing you want is to feel apprehensive about your gown on the wedding day. For renowned designer brands like Blue By Enzoani London, your purchase will be rewarding anytime and every time. However, if you are planning to choose a new retailer, ensure that you go through the feedback and client testimonials. The better their reviews, the more seamless your shopping experience will be.

4. Never Shop Last Minute

Whether you are buying a dress online or from a boutique, never leave your dress shopping for the last minute. When making an online purchase, read up how long it will take for your dress to arrive, and do not forget to consider the time you’ll need for alterations. Our experts recommend allowing a minimum of 4 weeks before the wedding for alterations and styling the entire bridal look. Only once you know what your gown will look like can you decide on the details like bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, jewellery, shoes and  suit stores brisbane.

5. Make Sure That Your Checkout Is Secure

Once you have found your dream wedding dress, check the authenticity of the website before placing the order. Begin with checking the URL in the address bar of your browser starts with HTTPS – the S stands for safety. Never add any personal information if the page is not secure. Apart from this, consider emailing the site owner or look at security badges in the checkout area. Once all the criteria have been fulfilled, only then place the final order.

Final Thoughts

For most brides, Online wedding gown shopping is scary. We hope that our tips give a sense of security and peace of mind. And, hey, who said online wedding gown shopping can’t be exciting? Gather your girl gang, hold a little search party or you can always keep your dress a secret and make a statement on the big day! Still, confused about buying your dream dress in London? Explore Mimi Toko’s stunning Blue By Enzoani collection and book the one for you online!

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