Things To Look For While Choosing A Catering Service For A Party

Things To Look For While Choosing A Catering Service For A Party

Hosting a party or event comes with a lot of challenges, especially if the location is a luxurious place like Dubai. You have to take care of decor, arrange food and furniture, and many more things. Among all the arrangements, good food is something you need to very careful about as it is one of the things which can make or break a party. Quality, taste and appearance of your food make an impact on your guests. The best way to ensure delicious food in sufficient amount is to hire a catering service. In this article, we have discussed a few things which you should look for while booking a catering in Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman.

Experienced Chefs & Staff 

Many catering companies nowadays talk about the number of years their company has been into the business for. But, they avoid to reveal anything about their chefs and other staff. The experience held by the company doesn’t matter as much as the chefs’ experience does. And, the reason is very logical; the company owner is not going to prepare food for a wedding catering in Sharjah or anywhere else in UAE. So, it’s better if you focus on the chefs and their experience. In case, the owner is not willing to discuss about their staff despite trying hard, it will be better to skip that company and look for other caterers that offer event management in Dubai.

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Attentiveness And Eagerness In Your Needs 

The next thing you should look for is, how eagerly and attentively the caterer is listening to you. Doing this is important as the initial conversations can give you an approximation of how your caterer is going to behave with you later. You will come through caterers bragging about their services and asking you to prefer them over others. However, when it comes to attend calls, give a quick call back, have a detailed discussion about what you want your event to be like, and other such things where attentive conversation is required, they somehow fail. For instance, there may be many caterers who provide Indian catering in Sharjah services, but when it comes to discuss the taste you want and the traditional value of your wedding, not all of them are going to do that. There may be chances that they don’t know anything other than their best Indian catering in Dubai services and cuisines. So, it is very important have a detailed conversation. 

Flexibility With Menu & Tasting Options 

Usually, every caterer offers already prepared menu, or menus to pick from. However, there are also the ones who give you a certain degree of freedom when it comes to choose menus or make little changes as per the client’s requirements. Not all the people are same; not all the events are same. So, it is important to hire an Indian or Pakistani catering in Ajman who understands this simple fact. Also, you should ask for tastings and figure out their reactions. If someone is comfortably offering tasting, there are chances that the person is genuine. However, it never means that you forget tasting and all the other necessary precautions. Make sure to taste food in advance as that’s the only way to decide if the caterer is worth your party or not.

Clear Explanation of Services 

Before booking an Indian catering in Sharjah, you should ask the caterer to brief you about the food and services they offer. Listen to your caterer carefully and then take a look at the ones that are already mentioned in the advertisements. That’s how you can check their credibility. If you already had a discussion and going to sign a contract, take some time and check if all the things including number of people to be served, number of food items, menus, additional services etc. are correctly mentioned in detail. If yes, you are good to go!

Detailed Cancellation Plan 

And, this is one of the important aspects that most of the people ignore. There must be a cancellation planned with all the terms and conditions clearly mentioned. But, why? Ask yourself what you will do if you have to cancel your event all of a sudden. You will get the answer!

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