A Beginner’s Guide to Conquer Online Rummy Tournaments

A Beginner’s Guide to Conquer Online Rummy Tournaments

Online rummy skill games are all the new rage in the world of skill based card games in India especially during the lockdown. A great source of entertainment and an intelligent means of earning real money, online rummy sites have raised the bar by launching scores of exhilarating rummy tournaments on their platforms.

The need and interest to thrive in such tournaments has also risen remarkably as one can see a generous growth in the number of players during the prolonged lockdown. Assuming you are one of them looking to outsmart your opponents and win handsome money but need some help with some fine set of strategies, we welcome you to the right place.

Street Smart Online Rummy Strategies

As online rummy tournaments catch speed, the competition has also grown exponentially. Rummy tournaments are longer than cash games and often witnesses overwhelming variance, as such, players will need to think out of the box and mix and match their strategies to outwit thier opponents all the way to the end.

So, work it up with these strategies and get ready to smash the tables and bring home the money.

1. Pure Sequence is the Thumb Rule!

You must have heard this before but reiterating this rule is something we feel obliged to do. A pure sequence is your lifeline in every single online rummy tournament if you don’t wish to get chucked out right away. So, as soon as you sort your cards, this should be your top goal in the game. The quicker you form your pure sequence, the easier it gets to focus on the rest of the cards.

2. Play Plenty Free Rummy Tournaments

Winning real money in online cash rummy tournaments is no child’s play. You need to have your basics in place and learn how to maneuver your game when you are playing against complete strangers. Such level of experience comes only when you have played enough free rummy tournaments.

Rummy tournaments also feature different level of rounds and often last longer than cash games. So, we say you play enough free rummy tournaments to grasp the nuances of how tournaments actually play out.

If you still want to win real money while gearing up for your first cash online rummy tournament, check out this online rummy portal called RummyBaazi (5K). They run 5K free rummy tournaments four times a day all month long. So, keep winning real money while you brush those skills for good.

Fortunately, they also host a variety of micro and low stakes rummy tournaments for buy-ins that start literally at Rupee 1! You can play them alternatively to enjoy a change of pace in the competition.

3. Keep a Count on Your Points

As you may know, the principal rule to win rummy tournaments online is to score zero points in the current game and overall the least number of points in the tournament leaderboard.

So, a smart way to rank higher in the leaderboard is to keep a count on your cards throughout the game and immediately meld any high value cards in your hand. This way, even if you do not end up winning, you still rank high enough to score minimum penalty points. This strategy is crucial especially when you play real money rummy tournaments as even the minutest difference in your points can cost you good amount of money.

4. A Joker Can Make Your Day

Having a joker by your side can be exciting especially in rummy tournaments as it takes you one step closer to winning. However, let not the excitement take over because you need to use the joker the smart way. A wise move would be to form the pure sequence by regular cards and reserve the joker to fit multiple missing pieces in your combination. You can also use the joker to form bigger sequences with more than 3 cards and finish the game first among all.

5. Find A Credible Rummy Site

This goes without saying how crucial it is to play online rummy tournaments for real money in a legit and credible site that values your skills, time and money you invest in the site and have them not cheat you in return.

As we mentioned earlier, if you are a first timer in regard to tournaments, RummyBaazi is an excellent portal that can reward you for your skills in more than one way.

Some of its offering worth the mention are listed below.

  1. 30K Daily Depositor’s Freeroll – buy in for just INR 300 using deposit code, “Daily30K” and you are good to go every day at 9PM.
  2. 1LAC Sunday Special – buy in for just INR 1000 using code, “SunLakhpati” and play this mega online rummy tournament every Sunday at 8PM.
  3. Loyalty Rewards – Online rummy cash games are equally rewarding on this portal. Play them every day to win Reward Points and collect huge rewards such as flagship smartphones, cool gadgets, holiday packages and real cash prizes worth INR 2LAC!

The lockdown has given rummy players sufficient space and time to hone their skills and level up their game to play many more online rummy tournaments and win handsome money and rewards. We say you take these skills to the table and fire up your game today!

All the Best!

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