Why Should You Play Online Rummy During Quarantine?

Why Should You Play Online Rummy During Quarantine?

The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the global health crisis for the 21st century and as India enters the 2nd phase of complete lockdown, the need for recreational avenues are rising by the day. In this times, internet games like online rummy have turned out to be a game changer for people stuck at home. It’s not a subject of pure indulgence anymore but more about keeping yourself mentally fit and active with such skill games.

We know these are testing times and it is vital to keep a healthy indoor score during this crisis. Games like online rummy has seen a sudden surge in engagement from old and new players alike since lockdown. While the recreational element is obvious, there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Let’s see how online rummy can help you beat the lockdown blues.

Online Rummy- Rewarding, Skill-Enhancing & Lots of fun

Skill games are increasingly becoming a part of one’s lifestyle habits for increased mental stimulation during the lockdown spell. Online rummy has been a boon in these distressed times for players who are fond of skill card games. Learning a skill game like online rummy can thus lift your spirits and keep you away from borderline stress and tendencies of boredom.

Here are a few reasons why you should play online rummy during lockdown.

Improves Brain Health

Playing online rummy can improve your brain health by relaxing the mind and lowering stress levels. Skill games are also recommended to adults to strengthen memory by pushing the brain to work hard and improving memory functions in the later stages of life. So, take this time to inspire your family to partake in this skill game today.

Decision-making skills

Believe it or not, playing online rummy regularly can make you smarter and wiser. A game like this requires you to analyze your cards and your opponent’s moves carefully to make decisions that gives you the winning edge. In online rummy games, the time span to make your moves are limited and hence, demands further precision that keeps you on your toes.

Stay Socially Connected

Skill games like online rummy are proving to be a great connecting thread among nationwide players in this uncertain times. New rummy sites also come equipped with in chat options that lets you interact with fellow players during this period of complete isolation and also enjoy some healthy competition and have fun at the same time.

Rewards and Real Cash Prizes

Online rummy yields great incentives for all rummy fans in the comfort of their homes. New online rummy sites come fully equipped with a variety of rewards and real cash prizes that you can win by playing cash games and rummy tournaments on different rummy portals today. These incentives also help you track your performance and validate your skills as you get better with time.

RummyBaazi: Win Loyalty Rewards and Real Cash Bonus

If you think these aforementioned reasons resonate with your current state of mind, let us suggest you a legit and new online rummy site that has been breaking records for rummy players nationwide with innovative offerings all year round. It is called RummyBaazi (RB) and all players stand a chance to become Baazigars and win stellar rewards every month.

These offerings below shall help some light on what’s running this month on RB and how to leverage your winnings.

1LAC Sunday Special Tournaments

 Play for a mega prize pool of 1LAC every Sunday at 8pm and max your investment up to 100 times for a buy-in of just INR 1000.

30K Daily Depositor’s Freeroll

This one is a daily treat that you can play every day at 9pm for a buy-in of just 300. Players can use the deposited amount to play other cash games on RB.

Five 5K Free Entry tournaments

 New players can get a lot of bang for free right away from a daily prize pool of 20K five times a day! The log in times are 8AM, 9AM, 3PM, 5Pm and 6PM.

Daily Bonus Offers

This is a birthday special offer wherein you may log in on the RB app every day and enjoy surprise offers every day of the week.

Quarantine thoughts

New online rummy sites in India are ramping up the game for every rummy fan during the quarantine spell with special offers and new rummy tournaments that you can play multiple times a day. So, don’t let the blues get to you and keep those brain cells ticking with brand new online games of rummy every day

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