Beneficial bets on Serie A in 1xBet live

Beneficial bets on Serie A in 1xBet live

In Italy, the coronavirus is raging now, so the future of Series A is uncertain. Now, there is no a single match in the 1xBet live format, because the country is going through not the best times, and some players have already got infected. Therefore, while everyone is resting from the big game, the last rounds should be analyzed carefully, because fans hope for the continuation of the championship.

While the situation is unclear, but the football administration is in no hurry to make a final decision. Among the options for the future are the following:

  1. Complete cessation of the championship, without defining a champion. All the teams that now occupy 1-6 places proceed to the European Cups. The same is true for outsiders.
  2. Putting the championship on pause, but with the playoffs for the title and survival. A good option, but according to many experts and teams, not the most fair one.
  3. Continuation of the championship when the virus abates. There is no exact date, so maybe the remaining matches of the Italian and other championships will be held instead of Euro 2020.

But so far it’s a break, and there will be no matches in the 1xBet live mode for at least 2-3 rounds of Serie A. Besides the Italians, other tournaments in various sports have also paused. The situation is not the most encouraging, especially for betting fans and real football fans.

Special comfort for betting with the 1xBet mobile

In the 26th round, the Italian Serie A pleased its fans with interesting matches. Thanks to the 1xBet mobile app, you can view all the results of matches to evaluate the risks of bets and make the right choice.

Atalanta pleases its fans with 70 goals scored in 25 games. In the last round, Lecce was smashed 2:7, although in the first half they were equal 2:2 and no one expected such a crushing defeat. Juventus had an excellent fight against Inter, but the Milanese team was left with nothing again and once again lost to Turin, being now 9 points apart from them.

Lazio’s situation is much better. The team of Simone Inzaghi was just one point behind the leader, and the players wanted to compete for the title by dethrowing Juventus from the top. Perhaps, if the championship will be resumed, it is the Romans who will compete against the Old Signora, but it will probably not be soon, because the virus Covid-19 spreads rapidly and quickly throughout Italy.

Fans hope for the best, and many teams are determined to continue Serie A matches and improve their results. To monitor what matches will still take place, you should download the 1xBet mobile application and pay attention to the line format or live mode. The software will offer the latest and most accurate information.

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