How Can Online Poker Keep You Calm Amidst the COVID-19 Storm

How Can Online Poker Keep You Calm Amidst the COVID-19 Storm

With all doors locked nationwide till 03rd May, people are reaching out inexhaustibly to online means of entertainment with each passing hour. Online poker seems to be one of the rare platforms that remains pandemic proof during this crisis and as such, has witnessed a sudden spike in visitors, a positive secondary effect that players are welcoming with bare hands.

If you think stimulating your mind with a challenging card game is a good idea, online poker fits the profile perfectly. Playing online poker now could be the beginning of a brand new career as well as equip you with better life skills for the wobbly times ahead.

What can Online Poker teach you today?

Working from home has led to a sudden spike in the number of players on online poker portals in India and the world. It is now common to expect even working professionals at the felts of online poker during odd hours so as to entertain themselves with such skill games and alleviate heightened stress levels.

Skill games like poker can bear a positive effect on new players who are looking to explore new skills to work their brains and open windows to a world full of fun and potential. Besides, the element of winning real money has further pushed open human minds towards possibilities of earning handsome money while staying put in their homes.More importantly, in the current scenario, the mental workout inherent in a game of poker is a definite plus.

You will be surprised to know the benefits of playing online poker during this quarantine spell. So, here we go.

  1. Valuable Life Lessons

Poker teaches a lot more about life than you could possible imagine. It teaches you important life lessons that demand quick thinking and making decisions in split seconds, calculating the probabilities and risk factors on each hand. When you begin to play poker online, there will be more hands you might lose than win, the same reflects in your day to day life whenever you start something new and challenging. Playing poker prepares you for all walks of your life and helps you make sound decisions that shall favour you in the long run.

  1. Emotional intelligence

These are stressed times and a game of online poker is just what you might need right now! A key factor of becoming a good poker player is to practice complete control on your emotions and draw the thin line that separates logical thinking from emotional thinking in order to make calculated moves. Just like losing emotional control during the game can lead to really bad decisions, same goes for your life skills. Playing online poker can certainly keep you calm and teach you how to celebrate wins and losses gracefully.

  1. Financial Skills

Money management is another crucial skill for a poker player without which you just can’t move forward. As a poker player, you also need an emergency fund that might come in handy in dire situations, you realize that you do not shove in more than you can afford to lose. Playing a game of poker today can teach you valuable money management skills such as budgeting and level headedness in uncertain times and better risk management.

  1. Patience

Waiting for the right cards in a game of poker is key to maximize your advantage and winning chances. Poker is all about timing and this requires extreme patience and discipline and with these skills handy, you are most likely to win against an antsy player who struggles to maintain his cool. And, we don’t’ need to say how patience bears great results in life.

PokerBaazi: An Online Poker Roomwith Round the clock Games

Welcome to a great online poker room that’s offering round the clock games for poker enthusiasts like you. It goes by the name PokerBaazi (PB), and hosts scores of online poker games aimed at players of all stakes. So, even if you have zero knowledge about poker as we speak, the portal has every bit of information to get you gaming today.

Here is an amazing line up of free entry poker tournaments and regular games you can enjoy on PokerBaazi today and kick-start your poker run and also win some free money!

  1. Free Entry tournaments (FETs) worth 25 LAC

The FETs run every 30 minutes round the clock all year round and new players can play poker online with players nationwide and learn the ropes of the game for free. Free entry tournaments also come with leaderboard prizes that offer real cash bonus which you can use to play poker online for cash on PokerBaazi. In short, you get best of the both worlds with FETs.

  1. Sit’N’Go Cash Games

Sit’N’Gos are the perfect transition for poker players who have played enough FETs on PokerBaazi. Simply use the Real Cash Bonus winnings from the FETs to join the cash tables of online poker and start building your bankroll for free. You can find plenty S’N’Gs tablefor different stakes on the PB app lobby. Just pick one and you are good to go!

Keep Calm and Seize the Day

Maintaining composure and making sound decisions in these unpredictable times is the key to staying sane and happy during this pandemic storm. We all know, this time is historic and is highly unlikely to return in our existing lifetimes. So, why not make use of these free hours and do something challenging and new and get those hormones kicking like never before! Play a game of online poker today and maybe even join the gesture challenge on social media with your friends and beat the corona blues today.

Stay Safe!

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