Fantasy Cricket’s Comeback From Covid19
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Fantasy Cricket’s Comeback From Covid19

Fantasy Cricket’s Comeback From Covid19

There were many series matches that were cancelled or postponed abruptly because of Covid19. But since the economy is taking a big hit because of the pandemic, the authorities have decided to bring back your favorite sports. It is confirmed that La Liga will resume again from 12th of June and the English Premier League will resume again from 17th of June albeit coronavirus shows no sign of stopping and the situation is worse than before all over the world.

Let us see what is the future of cricket, what are the officials saying and when can we expect a proper comeback.

Fatal Blows to the Cricket Fraternity and Fans

When coronavirus was declared a pandemic. The fans got the idea that some series might get postponed but no one was expecting a proper cancellation. 2 of the major cricket events were cancelled because of Coronavirus otherwise known as Covid19. The two major cricket events being, the Indian Premier League and the T20 world cup. Cricket fans were waiting to hear the news of non-cancellation and they would have accepted indoor matches as well but keeping the safety of the players and onlookers, the authorities decided to cancel the matches altogether and rightly so. Health should be prioritized in all circumstances.

What is the Board of Control for Cricket in India Saying on the Future of Cricket?

Former and Indian Captain and cricket and the current president of the BCCI, Saurav Ganguly has stated that they are looking at all options and BCCI has now been eyeing the October-November window which has been reserved for the T20 World Cup. So there is a little bit of left for cricket fans. In an Interview with India TV, Saurav Ganguly stated that “If at all, IPL does happen, we don’t know where it could happen. India would certainly like to host the event, provided the environment is safe. Right now, we are not in a position to say anything. It is too early. We are yet to officially discuss the IPL schedule. But it depends on the safety of the environment. Saving human life and breaking the coronavirus chain are more important for all of us,”

What is the International Cricket Council Saying on the Matter?

ICC has already released fixtures of upcoming matches and just like the Board of Control for Cricket in India they are also optimistic that the matches will happen soon. The first match being the Australia v/s England T20 series which is scheduled to commence in July. If we talk about India then the Australia v/s India series is also scheduled that too in October. So no one can really say what the future of real Cricket is.

Cricket was Here All the Time!

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