Corporate Wellness Program to bring Mojo back in Global Talent Management

Corporate Wellness Program to bring Mojo back in Global Talent Management

Most numbers of waking hours of employees are spent in the office than any place else. Promoting healthy programs is of utmost property then. Corporate wellness programs can effectively implement a good culture in the organizational space for optimization of professional and personal lives.

For any talent management specialist working anywhere around the world, a corporate wellness program can be a panacea for reducing turnover rates, increased productivity, great employee retention rates, less absenteeism, and a greater job satisfaction.

A gym membership and table tennis court are not the only options under the corporate wellness program. Before bringing in any wellness program, it is important to know the idiosyncrasies of the staff. Derailing factors like lack of engagement, leadership support shortages, and complicated incentives can easily demotivate the employees not to participate.

The cost of not caring for health is burgeoning for any economy and more than physical ailments, it is the mental ailments taking down the entire globe down. The mental ailments range anywhere between anxiety, depression, stress, and tensions. Unless physical ailments, mental ailments are invisible and it is of utmost importance for a talent management specialist to cater to the needs of providing fitness programs like the gym membership, cricket tournaments, table tennis championships, and yoga initiatives.

Organizations also conduct marathons and health campaigns such as eye-testing camps, blood pressure testing, and overall health check-ups to keep the employees running effectively and to take the grind of everyday work-hours.

When employees run, so does the global talent management world. Find a corporate wellness program that effectively facilitates every little need of your company. The program must allow the employees to manage the program on their own as to when they do want to do what- such as- fitness tracking, weight loss goals, health checks, and seek the guidance of health experts to make well-informed choices. Put out posters around the premises as well send internal communication through emails to make the staff aware that something related to health is happening and how it is important to take care of one’s physical and mental health.

The talent management specialist must also talk with the management and C-suite leaders to collaborate with vendor companies providing services of employee benefits and wellness. Once in a while programs can be arranged inside the office premises, if space allows for it, or else conduct sessions off-site for programs such as healthy cooking demos, massage therapy, and wellness gear.

Keep promoting the wellness program throughout the year and encouraging the staff to participate. There must be a variety of programs keeping in mind the varied interests of the people. Some companies provide gadgets such as Fit bit which track the overall physical parameters of the employees. Ask for feedback and suggestions after every such session to get detailed information about what is working with employees and what doesn’t seem to work. Feedbacks will help with the future program enhancements for an effective and leak-proof global talent management.

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