Tips for Choosing a Perfect Wedding Venue in India

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Wedding Venue in India

India, a place of diverse culture, has many varied rituals and faiths regarding a wedding. Adorning each and everything has its own mass to lift up and embellish a beautiful combination. Everybody wants his or her marriage to be perfect from the inception to a marvellous ending. Concerning about the lehenga, Mehandi, music, dance, and everything in between being no doubt most prominent, but the wedding venue is the platform to exhibit all imaginations to a reality. Deciding a wedding venue with assisting thought of how to portray a marriage comes handy with these tips from the best Indian wedding planner.

Note Down Each Detail
Debut for a big day starts from this simple step. First of all, pen down everything putting aside the second thoughts. Each venue needs to be noted down properly with the time, dressings, functions, rituals, formalities, a number of guests, and every possible expansion. Make a separate list of venues need to be visited and then strike through the number after visiting them. Talk with a wedding planner firmly about what is required and what is not.

Don’t Go Out-Of-Pocket
Spending huge money can be relevant for some, but for many this can become the biggest roadblock. Make an estimated budget of what to add to a marriage venue to fulfil a vision. Pay heed to all possibilities, emergency fund requirements, an estimated budget of everything, and the exhaustive cost of all set up including the wedding venue. Make a priority list and always set a place for last-minute expenses so it could save from going out-of-pocket.

Make a Perfect Fit of Guest and Available Venues
Guests and venues have a correlation as they go hand-in-hand. The whole decision to arrange a venue depends on how many guests are there or how many can be accommodated in extra or what are the options if the list goes out of the index. The second thing is to decide the venue on the basis of availability as the date also impacts the wedding venue’s booking and occupancy. If the date is not decided, then the scope is wide to choose among variants but if the date is pre-decided, the chance to strike a bargain is high.

Go Deep On Detailing
Though best Indian wedding planner will always be there to provide every detail, it is required to confirm a few things as per the priorities of families. After deciding the venue, a visit is necessitated to analyse the offering inside and outside of the venue. Analyse the location, area, view, aura, surroundings, space, stage area with keen eyes and think wisely about the venue, what you wanted it to be. Sometimes, deciding a venue also need to look for easy roads, parking area, electricity, water facility, extra rooms, room service and service delivery time.

Don’t Let the Wedding Spoil
The awareness about climate during the wedding ceremonies is important to know about. The weather will be playing a grand role in outdoor function arrangements. An extra lounge and vacate area are required in case of emergency shifting of wedding setup cause of weather uncertainty.

Clear All the Confusion
Critical understanding of wedding venue policies is important to escape from any mistake and last minute trauma. Read in detail about offerings, rules and restrictions to avoid any dilemma. If there is an inappropriate policy or not able to comply with a rule, just discuss about the issue in the beginning itself and try to find out a win-win situation for both the parties.

Apart from this, there is a generic approach in deciding a perfect venue and a wedding counsellor will be always there to help out at every single step. Still, some factors are based on the families’ mind-set which requires a deep consideration of everything. So before deciding a wedding venue or hiring the best Indian wedding planner, read all tips mentioned above and ask the questions to a venue manager or a wedding planner or an event manager.

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