Top 10 Motivational Speakers in India

Top 10 Motivational Speakers in India

A good orator is pointed and impassioned”- this quote by Marcus T. Cicero hold apt for the motivational speakers. This is a universal truth that life has got several ups and downs and is never like a straight-line graph. All of our lives are very similar to a roller coaster which goes up and down and is an ultimate adrenaline drive. As per the research studies by the expert psychologists, the human mind is prone to think around 60K-80K thoughts each day and each of these thoughts is either useless or negative. All individuals and even organizations need positive kicks in their lives so that they keep on growing and think positive and understand the right purpose of life. The world is blessed with several inspirational and motivational speakers of which many of them are also Spiritual Gurus who have paved the path of humanity. They guide the millions of people in India and transform their lives through distinct & valuable Vision, Words & Purpose. There are several institutions, universities, colleges and government organizations which often invite motivational speakers for the welfare of their members.

The motivational speakers in India facilitate millions in enhancing their performance by increasing their level of happiness, managing their stress level, imbibing positive attitude, striking work-life balance, handling management skills, finding the true purpose of life and improve their overall quality of personal and professional lives.

List of Top Motivational Speakers in India

Ujjwal Chugh

Ujjwal Chugh is a dynamic young entrepreneur and is the founder & CEO of ISOLS GROUP. He has created a deep niche as a leading technologist, digital visionary & a strategic digital marketer. Parallelly, he has gained immense fame as a motivational speaker in various educational institutes of repute and also in the corporate world with majorly a massive youth followership. He has got a big league of youth followers whom he has motivated and envisioned to realise their dreams and achieve their vision & career goals. Ujjwal started his career by cracking the NDA and joining Indian Air Wing for two years where he has flown the Microlite ‘ZEN STOL 701’ at No. 1 Delhi Air Squad representing Delhi at Vayu Sena Camp, Bangalore.

Mr. Chugh coined the concept of ‘CKC’ which states that there is an art of defeating your own self that brings the much sough-after ultimate satisfaction as you become your own master & then all other materialistic achievements would be yours as a by-product. ‘C’ indicates clarity which is a crucial factor in becoming less ordinary. ‘K’ indicates acquiring infinite knowledge & ‘C’ indicates conviction for your work which proves to be the master key to unlock the doors of success.

With an optimum blend of high IQ and EQ, Ujjwal has evolved as a true educationalist through his actions which in the true sense showcase the real meaning and value of education which leads to enlightenment. He has been felicitated by “THE NATIONAL GAURAV AWARD” in Feb 2017, “THE HONOR OF SAHEED BHAGAT SINGH BRAVERY AWARD” in September 2016, “SARASWATI RATAN SAMMAAN” in 2016, “REAL SANWAD EXCELLENCE AWARD” in August 2016 and an award for an outstanding speaker for Digital Marketing at Annual Entrepreneurship Summit in 2014. Overall, Mr. Chugh is extolled by the Technical & Management Universities & Institutes for conducting several workshops and training programs related to entrepreneurship and digital marketing.


Sadhguru is a profound mystic and a yogi of our times who also happens to be one of the most loved and followed motivational speaker. He is a contemporary guru who is rooted as firmly in pragmatic and mundane matters as he is in wisdom and inner experience. Sadhguru has marked a clear departure from the mere rituals and customs. Sadhguru has wisely adopted certain scientific as well as effective methods of self-transformation which are both powerful and direct. His motivational speeches belong to no particular tradition. Instead, he strongly incorporates & presents what is most valid for contemporary and modern life from the traditional yogic sciences.

Sadhguru has been speaking in some of the world’s most prominent and remarkable international leadership forums. Sadhguru has several accomplishments in his merit right from participating in four panels at the World Economic Forum in 2007 to becoming a delegate in the prestigious United Nations Millennium Peace Summit & the World Peace Congress. Sadhguru is traversing seamlessly from the ancient to the ultramodern and sensibly bridging the gap between the unknown and known through his workshops, “satsangs” & motivational speeches to explore & experience the deepest dimensions of human life.

Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das is a trusted and respected spiritual leader, lifestyle coach & motivational speaker. Since 1996, he has been serving mankind as a monk and is a prominent member of ISKCON. He was a former electrical engineer and worked at the renowned MNC Hewlett-Packard (HP) for a while. He has a huge follower base and is trusted by millions to receive the proper level of motivation and to resolve their lifestyle-related issues and sufferings. This has been more than two decades that he is perpetually delivering numerous uplifting speeches at a long list of esteemed schools both in India & abroad. He has also been a guiding force to the leading medical professionals & doctors across the globe.

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is counted amongst one of the top and most popular motivational speakers in India. He has influenced millions of people not only in India but also across the world. He has successfully influenced millions of people through his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has now reached more than 10 million subscribers which indeed is a landmark.

Sandeep Maheshwari was born & brought up in a middle-class family. Like all of us, he has seen many phases in his life and has witnessed several ups and downs. At the beginning of his career, he tried modelling but went through nasty exploitation and harassment which is common in the glamor world. After that unsuccessful stint, he started Photography and eventually started his own company Mash Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd. where he started making portfolios for the budding Models. After his successful stint as an entrepreneur, he started sharing his own experience with several like-minded communities and started free seminars. Eventually, he became a renowned and notable evangelist and motivational speaker.

Vivek Bindra

Vivek Bindra is a popular and much-appreciated motivational speaker and thought leader. He has gained immense popularity as a leadership trainer in the corporate sector and he is an expert in discussing several real-life case studies about entrepreneurship, startups etc. His sessions are multi-dimensional and he is equally good as an Industrial trainer, Corporate trainer, HR trainer and a CEO coach. He has inspired several dynamic youths with this unique content in his popularly followed YouTube channel.

Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera is a very popular Indian author and a professional motivational speaker. He is also well-known as an activist. His very first book titled “You Can Win” is undoubtedly one of the most read and popular books in India and also globally. He has inspired and motivated several millions of folks not only in India but globally.

Simerjeet Singh

Simerjeet Singh is a well-accepted and highly followed motivational speaker, leadership coach, keynote speaker and trainer. He has delivered several workshops, motivational classes, training classes across the globe. Simerjeet Singh visits the countries like India, Singapore, Middle East and the USA for organizing and delivering sessions and workshops to several communities and individuals.

T.S. Madaan

T.S. Madan is a well-known and very appreciated motivational speaker in Hindi and also an equally talented actor and comedian. He is also a notable and effective sales trainer, keynote speaker and life coach who regularly speaks at different conventions, conferences & events. He has worked with the leading insurance company in India, LIC (Life Insurance Company). He is most popular in the state of Punjab.

Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar is a popular motivational speaker and keynote speaker. She is also a best-selling author having inspired & touched the lives of millions of people. She has worked with more than 1500+ Corporate clients across 45+ countries. She is recorded to be the only Indian author who has won 31 International Awards and also 3 National Awards for her published books.

Ujjwal Patani

Ujjwal Patani is a motivational speaker, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, business coach and author. He has inspired millions of people across the globe. He is inspiring several people through his very popular YouTube channel which has got more than a million subscribers. Patani has been felicitated with as many as 15 awards internationally and nationally. He has penned more than seven books in different languages which were highly appreciated.

Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is a very popular Indian author and columnist. Over the course of time, he also became a very successful motivational speaker. He was born on 22nd April 1974 and grew up around the Indian army due to his father’s army background. He went to complete his education from the prestigious IIM and eventually became an investment banker with Goldman Sachs. With the passage of time, he had quit his job after writing several bestselling titles all revolving around his life and youth.


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