5 Ways to Use Orange Essential Oil

5 Ways to Use Orange Essential Oil

The orange essential oil, commonly used for aromatherapy and skincare regimen, is also known as a sweet orange oil. Sweet orange oil is extracted from the organic orange fruits. The citrus fragrance of this essential oil relaxes and calms the mind. Continue reading to explore how you can get orange oil benefits by using it at home.

Use Diffused Oil to Get Rid of Anxiety

When it is taken in the correct concentration the fragrance eventually relieves anxiety and depression. For this, pour 5 drops of orange essential oil in a diffuser and keep the temperature at the lowest level. This will make your entire room balsamic. It is proven that people suffering from hypertension and stress get benefited by this kind of aromatherapy.

Additionally, this aromatherapy provides relief from abdominal pain. Orange essential oil helps in improving digestion too. It cures constipation and makes the stomach healthy.

For Enhancing Mood and Relieve Mental Fatigue

Inhalation of orange oil refreshes a person’s mood. The person who feels a lack of energy in work may get benefited from inhaling orange oil. Add 3 drops of lavender oil with an equal amount of orange essential oil in a diffuser. The mild scent eases fatigue and makes the environment peaceful.

Essential Oil Massage

Massaging orange essential oil alleviates any pursuing headache. Furthermore, it also relaxes muscle pain and stiffness. You may add 5 to 8 drops of orange oil to 2 ounces of coconut oil or any other carrier oil. A gentle massage in this consistency may provide effectual benefits by increasing blood circulation to that area.

For Skin Purification

One of the effective uses of orange essential oil for skin is it purifies skin and prevents the appearance of acne. The antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of orange oil deter any bacterial infection in the skin. You may add one drop of orange oil in an organic face wash for a deeply cleansed skin.

Remember, don’t mix the essential oil to any chemical-based face wash as it may react with molecules of those chemicals and may provide an adverse result.

Exfoliating Scrub

You may prepare a homemade scrub with orange essential oil for removing dead skin cells. Add 2 drops of orange oil in 3 tbsp. of sea salt. Add 4 tbsp. of jojoba oil in the mixture.

Geraniol and limonene in orange oil are believed to be anti-oxidant properties that clear toxin deposits and dead skin cells. If you desire a radiant glowing face, you can replace sea salt with organic coffee powder.

For Reducing Dark Spots

Orange oil is a high source of vitamin C that combats skin blemishes. Combine carrot oil with orange oil and apply it all over the face. You also may blend grapeseed oil into that combination.


  • Orange essential oil is phototoxic. Hence, don’t apply orange oil before you go outside under the sun. It will cause a painful allergic reaction to your skin.
  • Orange oil contains citric acid. Don’t use it if you have sensitive skin.
  • While using orange oil in any DIY recipe don’t use any other acidic element like lemon juice as a higher concentration of citric acid may burn your skin.
  • Make sure to have a patch test before using it on your face.

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