6 Tips To Combat With Pandemic Burnouts

6 Tips To Combat With Pandemic Burnouts

Close to a year into the pandemic, the end is relatively visible as healthcare officials start giving vaccines. It should be a relief to us, but most of us are experiencing what can only be referred to as burnout.

What’s burnout? According to the American Psychological Association, it’s a mental, physical, or emotional tiredness paired with lowered performance, negative attitudes towards yourself and others, and decreased motivation.

It’s brought about by working at a high range until tension and pressure, particularly from a heavy workload, and prolonged and extreme mental or physical exertion take their toll.

It’s severe but, luckily, you can get a practical cure in Sunday Scaries CBD. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with burnout, the post below has all you need to control, if not overcome, the condition.

How to Tell That You’re Experiencing a Pandemic Burnout

There are various ways that burnout reveals itself. They are:

  • One frequently less motivated, irritable, and detached.
  • One begins feeling severely fatigued, tense, and physically unwell.
  • The victim feels less interested in things that fascinate them, less fulfilled, and less optimistic and hopeful.
  • They may also contemplate suicide.
  • They may lose appetite and shed weight worryingly fast.

This occurrence may not be unique to the pandemic, but individuals regularly experience burnout at different phases of their lives.

However, the pandemic is causing a type of burnout that’s more extensive and seemingly harder to cure.

Why the Burnout is at its Peak Now

Although we’re in a better state than we were half a year ago- mainly in terms of having received a method to finish this rampant, e.g., the injection- it makes plenty of sense that most individuals have achieved breaking point now.

This is because the pandemic shows no signs of ending anytime soon. One significant thing that assists us in coping with an unpleasant experience is the assurance that it’ll end at some point. 

What makes the epidemic frustrating is it has no particular end date.

Why is it Difficult to Adhere to COVID-19 Safety Measures?

Prior to 2020, the general citizens weren’t washing their hands regularly, wearing face masks in public, or maintaining a physical distance.

Health professionals are currently suggesting these measures to hinder the circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which results in COVID-19. Let’s be honest; keeping up with all this can be frustrating.

Trying to abide by anything additional is always a challenge. You may include other steps in your routine for several days, but enduring behavior alteration is complex. Mostly when no one around you is ill, you don’t feel like putting on a mask.

Despite this, please note that the measures work.

How You Can Fight Rampant Burnouts

Pandemic burnouts can take a toll on an individual. Here are some simple ways you can get rid of them:

1. Make Some Alterations to Your To-Do List

Burnout can lower motivation and concentration, which makes getting anything done difficult.

One way to handle being upset is to admit that you’re going to get very little done and that you’ll be okay with that.

Afterward, include things to your list in a manner that makes checking them off easier.

Things to do


2. Make Arrangements for After the Epidemic

Granted, we don’t know the exact time that the pandemic will end, but that shouldn’t stop you from making plans for that particular day. 

Even if you don’t write them down, you can store them mentally and keep repeating them to yourself. This gives you a reason to be optimistic and to live.

3. Be Mindful of Your Social Media Use and News Consumption

Though it’s impossible to avoid news and social media, you can regulate what you choose to see and the time you spend online and in front of the TV.

If it reaches a point when you’re irritable, feel upset, and get anxious, that’s an indicator that you need a break. 

Woman watching TV and eating popcorn


4. Spot Small Moments to Lift Your Spirits

Take a moment to appreciate the good things in your life, whether it’s your pets, your kids, or even coffee in the morning or that delicious lunch.

If you don’t come across beautiful small experiences regularly, you can as well create them mindfully.

Smiling person


5. Come up With Coping Techniques

Make a list of survival skills that work for you. Or the things that make you happy. Some valid suggestions are:

  • Watching your favorite TV show.
  • Reading an interesting book.
  • Playing a game you like.
  • Spending time with your pet(s).
  • Tapping into your creative side- painting, drawing, writing, etc.

6. Socialize

It may seem not easy if you’re an introvert or if you have a neighbor who’s one, but you don’t have to go all the way on the first day.

You can begin with a greeting on the first day. Then as you and the person you’re interacting with mingle seamlessly, you can extend the conversation to asking how their day is and sharing about yours.

Three men in jacket laughing



COVID-19 has crippled the entire world for now. But that doesn’t mean you should let pandemic burnouts control your life and wear you down.

If you’ve made it this far in your life, you’re strong enough to defeat those burnouts and live your life to the fullest.

Don’t wait anymore. Put the tips above into practice and watch your life-changing for the better before you know it. You can do it!

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