6 Incredible Benefits of Carrier Coconut Oil and Its Uses

6 Incredible Benefits of Carrier Coconut Oil and Its Uses

Coconut oil is the most popular carrier oil and thus it is used in countless DIY recipes in our daily skin and hair care regimen for centuries. Coconut oil is extracted from fresh and matured coconut fleshes. This oil contains a high amount of fatty acids, thus this oil is considered as a carrier oil.

Nourishes Hair:

Coconut oil is the commonest hair oil that is being used in the household for years. This oil moisturizes hair without making it heavy and greasy. Mixing this oil with 1 tbsp of avocado oil forms a great conditioner for your mane. Massage this mixture on all over your mane before an hour of washing hair. This helps in locking the moisture in the hair strands and protects hairs from the harsh chemical of shampoo.

For Removing Makeup:

Coconut oil acts as a great cleanser and purifies skin from its deepest layer. The face washes used to remove make-up are harsh for the facial skin making it rough and dull. Massaging few drops of coconut oil over the make-up loosens it from the skin. Swipe your face with cotton balls. This will remove make-up completely without making the skin rough.

Natural Lip Balm:

During the winter or dry season, our lips tend to get cracked. Using coconut oil is the simplest way to combat this issue. Just take 2 to 3 drops of coconut oil and massage it on your lips. Repeat this every time you rinse your face. This will keep your lips moisturized, making it soft.

Reduce Dandruff:

Fungal infections on the scalp often trigger dandruff problems and severe flaking. Coconut oil contains an antimicrobial property that fights with this issue providing a healthy scalp. Mix few drops of lemongrass or tea tree oil with the carrier coconut oil and massage this oil on the scalp. This helps to remove dandruff faster.

Moisturises Skin:

Coconut oil moisturizes even extremely dry skin. Use carrier coconut oil for skin with jojoba oil and simply massage it on your skin. This heals cracked skin making it soft. It also retains moisture on the skin.

Repairs Cracked Heels:

Cracked heel is one of the common problems in winters but it is very difficult to treat. Massaging carrier coconut oil regularly on heels before the dry season starts to prevent heels from getting cracked. If your heels are already cracked you may add primrose oil to the coconut oil to massage your heels. Wear socks to lock the moisture.

Cures Fungal Infections:

Coconut oil cures severe fungal infections such as athlete’s foot that occurs due to perspiring feet. This oil contains capric acid and caprylic acid that combat fungus affected areas and helps in curing the area faster.

Coconut oil is light and it easily spreads absorbs in the skin and hair. This oil enhances the goodness of any other essential or carrier oil. Coconut oil can be used solely or with any other oil or substance at a normal temperature or as hot oil.

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