Eliminate the Rage and Angst Through Anger Management Therapy

Eliminate the Rage and Angst Through Anger Management Therapy

Have you ever felt like punching someone so hard that all the force in your punch is derived not by your physical strength but by your anger? Now I am not saying that anger is a bad thing but being angry all the time can be.

Anger, what is it and what can it be? It is bad for physical health, it is bad for mental health, it is bad for you, it is bad for others, it is bad for everyone. When it is so bad, especially with people dealing with anger management issues, why don’t we take an initiative towards it? Now we all know the bad effects on anger. From wreaking havoc in your peaceful lives to starting a World War, anger can play a very major role in how you shape your lives and your future. Similarly controlling and managing anger issues can really play a vital role in your character as well.
“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”
― Buddha

Anger, like any other emotion, is an energy. You can either channel it and let it pass or keep it within yourself and disturb your own peace. Now there are multiple ways in which you can ease up your anger, one of the best is anger management therapy.

Anger Management Therapy
Anger management therapy is a course that you can take with your psychiatrist. That’s it. He will guide you through. Thanks….

But if you are planning on not going to a medical professional then what? Not everyone can approach them. It is not easy or cheap. Things can get worse for people around you if they are stuck with you, like they are in quarantine. So what can you do if you do not approach for help? You can try Anger Management Therapy at home. It’s quite simple and also saves a lot of time and resources. How do you start? Learn here.

Make Some Ground Rules

If you have decided to work on how you are going to control the urge to burst from now on then you will have to start by making some rules for yourself. Rules that will help you to control your temper and eventually manage it. Rules like

  • Not speaking when you are angry. You may talk about things which you will regret later.
  • Not throwing anything around, especially sharp or fragile objects. May injure yourself or worse, others.
  • Not expressing your anger when you are furious, talk out things when you have calmed down. It is better this way.
  • Not lifting weights, when you are angry. Anger feels like boosting your energy but it is just temporary and you may even injure yourself.
    Not eating food, you may swallow and chew less.


    Meditation has been a great tool for psychologists to help the patients relieve tension, anxiety, stress, anger, etc. So you can include it in your daily schedule. You don’t need special equipment, just sit down, breathe and try to relax. When you feel like you have calmed down and are relaxed, start reflecting.Reflect on:How your day went?How are you feeling about it?

    Did anything make you angry?

    How did you react to that?

    After you are done getting all the answers, notice how you are feeling.


    Whenever you are filled with anger and are feeling the issues burning within you, stop yourself in your tracks and think. Thinking can delay and also decrease the damages caused by the anger. What you need to think about? Factors that may have ignited your anger.

    Think about:
    Solutions and how the situation can be handled without losing your temper?

    Why are such situations getting an emotional reaction out of you?

    Is it really the person you are angry on or just because of your mood?

    When you get the answers to all of these, notice your temper. Is it still bad or a bit eased up?


    All the preparations in the world are worthless if you are not acting upon it. If you are really ready to bring a change, your will will have to be quite strong. Make a schedule and promise yourself to follow it no matter what. It should include all the work that you do on a daily basis added with simple activities that will help you to manage your anger.

    Activities like:

    Meditation and Reflection.

    Watching movies and shows which are free from violence.

    Safe and easy ways to release anger like working out, playing games, helping people, etc.

    Working in an environment where the situation demands you to work as a team.

    To further diversify, you can serve at a soup kitchen, help people in need, adopt a pet and what not. There are lots and lots of things that you can do to manage and ease up your temper. And if you are someone who has to deal with anger issues, my advice would be to stand with them, they need your help but at the same time maintain your distance. Not emotional but physical distance. They may get enraged out of the blue and may hurt you. They don’t mean to hurt you, but situations get out of control for them. And if nothing works, seek professional help. It is always a good idea to see a doctor if you feel like situations are getting worse.

    Hope it helps.

    Thanks for reading!

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