Hearing Aids Singapore

Hearing Aids Singapore

J Glasses and Hearing is an experienced expert in high-quality glasses and hearing aids Singapore. We are happy to know that we will change the lives of people with visual and hearing impairments. Become a family brand in the market, a trend leader and innovator in the hearing and vision industries.

Our company is engaged in the treatment of vision and hearing impairments in adults and adolescents. We strive to provide quality services for your glasses and hearing aids at affordable prices. We work closely with many leading glasses and hearing aid manufacturers to provide our customers with high-quality products, and we promise to provide all customers with the simplest service.

Bernafon is one of the easiest brands in Singapore to bring you high-quality headphones. Some advantages of Bernafon hearing aids:

  • Is ergonomically discreetly designed for greater comfort.
  • Is compatible with wireless applications and accessories to improve connectivity.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use functions.
  • High-quality components, long service life and reliable performance.
  • Is rechargeable, suitable for all-day use of certain models.

Hearing aids

Are you currently experiencing hearing problems and are looking for the simplest hearing aids and hearing aids? Deafness can have a negative impact on your lifestyle, and purchasing medical equipment can help you rejuvenate. What is the cheapest hearing aid Singapore price?

In Singapore, buying a hearing aid is usually an important decision, and you will have a lot of questions about your investment. For example, “What is the price of hearing aids in Singapore?” “Why are the prices so different?” “Compared with other companies, are my prices and repairs the easiest? In J Glasses and Hearing, you can find the budget, lifestyle and The most important thing is the hearing aid for your hearing needs.

There are so many types of hearing aids on the market and there are so many different styles, so it is difficult to determine the exact price of hearing aids in Singapore. Generally, cheap hearing aids start at $800 each, while the premium hearing aids The price is as high as US$6,000 per unit.

Choosing the right style for your listening can also be challenging. There are different types of hearing aids on the market. Recommends that you take the initiative to learn more about your hearing and improve your condition. Once you realize that you only need to take a hearing test, you will immediately make an appointment with the nearest hearing aid specialist. Our professional team provides you with a promotion of zero price of hearing tests so that you can freely conduct detailed hearing consultation.

We not only provide free hearing tests, but also our products are cheap and practical, especially hearing aids for senior citizens. It is estimated that one-third of people over 65 are deaf and mute, which can cause hearing loss. For more information, please visit our website and make an appointment with your contact information, we will answer your questions.


Contact lenses and glasses were invented to help people with vision problems. Whether you wear glasses or contact lenses always depends on your preference. Both have advantages and disadvantages, so stick to one or two, you will find more convenient and affordable. However, I found a contact lens Singapore shop that sells eye protection, beautiful and inexpensive glasses-it has never been easier.

At J Glasses and Hearing, we strive to reach our customers through extensive contacts from leading brands and provide them with the latest visual solutions at reasonable prices. They adapt to all visual needs. Shop with us now to find suitable high-quality, cheap contact lens, and provide a variety of options.

In addition to contact lenses, we also provide stylish UV protection and very clear outdoor sunlight for all outdoor activities, especially prescription sunglasses. Our prescription sunglasses Singapore store sells glasses suitable for lens design, from single vision lenses to progressive lenses.This versatile, high-performance fashion accessory is essential for excellent, clear vision and 100% UV protection.

Additionally, we are also committed to providing high-quality computer glasses to improve your quality of life and maintain good vision and health. There are many types of computer glasses on the market that can protect your eyesight and are more suitable for your type of work. At our computer glasses Singapore shop we sell computer glasses that are essential for keeping your eyes and vision healthy.

Last but not least, we also sell spectacle for children with myopia. Myopia, commonly known as myopia or myopia. , Occurs when the eyeball is too long, causing the light to focus in front of the retina. Nearby objects are usually clearly visible, but the visibility in the distance is blurry. When your child complains of eye pain or strabismus, you can recognize myopia.

The development of myopia increases the risk of other eye problems. In our myopia control lenses Singapore store, we provide ZEISS myopia management lens solutions, which are specifically developed to ensure the best vision of 6 to 12-year-old children and control the progression of myopia and ensure their quality of life.


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