History of Activity Trackers (From Pedometers to Fitbit)

History of Activity Trackers (From Pedometers to Fitbit)

Technology never ceases to amaze people with its innovative and impressive products, making it seem like the impossible can be made into reality. Did people think they would be able to use their watch to track how many calories their burning, the number of steps they took, or even sleep patterns before? Perhaps not. But it certainly is now possible with activity trackers.

Activity trackers are wearable technology that was once a futuristic-sounding device, yet now a trend and a cutting edge technology with considerable health benefits for people. Many fitness enthusiasts are familiar with using such advanced technology as a helpful tool to ensure that they can keep tabs on their health and fitness 24/7 by simply strapping a fitness tracker on their wrists.

Today’s fitness trackers even include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to keep users better connected. It allows them to receive incoming calls, emails, and text messages without being physically near their phones. Moreover, fitness trackers are an excellent tool to monitor progress and accomplishments daily for people looking to lose weight or get fit.

Having a visual of progress is a great motivation to improve more. Users are likely to become more engaged in their health if they can actively monitor themselves and feel like they have control over their health compared to having doctors collect data and tests.

More importantly, should any issues occur, people can improve these findings by getting more exercise, sleep, and engage in other healthy behaviors. Many trackers can track calories and weight intake, which helps in promoting a healthy diet.

Indeed, tracking progress adds a whole new facet to health and fitness unique to wearable devices. It is easy to see why many would want to buy one. Fortunately, purchasing a fitness Tracker in Cork can be done online through a reputable seller or shop.

Activity trackers are an excellent tool for achieving that fitness goal. Another great tool to motivate people while working out is good upbeat music that will keep the mood energetic and light. There are many online shops where people can purchase wireless headphones in Cork to ensure people keep enjoying what they are doing.

Alternatively, consider getting a JBL Speakers in Cork if you want to work out while blasting music with these top-quality speakers guaranteed to keep you up and running. 

Activity trackers have a long history that started when Leonardo da Vinci sought to track the distance a roman soldier walked by counting the number of steps. Over time, as technology progressed, so did the fitness trackers as they continued to evolve until they became the fitness trackers we know today.

Here in this infographic made by Irwins Megastore are more information regarding the history of activity trackers from Pedometers to Fitbit.

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