How To Love Your Curly Hair

How To Love Your Curly Hair

It has been known for centuries that curly hair is difficult to maintain. It is also associated with having to do with how to manage your curly hair. For many years curly haired women and men have been discriminated against in more ways than one. From being called unkept to being told to straighten or “tame” your hair, the list of biases pertaining someone’s natural hair type is endless. You would think that a hair type doesn’t matter much but it does. It affects a lot of kids and their self-esteem as they are growing up. So many kids have been bullied and called “noodles”, “mop” or the more racially inappropriate “golly wog”. Even barbie dolls up until recently didn’t portray any curly hair or textured hair. They would always have poker straight blonde hair.

Most curly haired women and men have even had to go through the pressure of having to straighten their hair either to fit in or look presentable because some odd boss told them to do so. Over the centuries the perceptions of curly hair have evolved, from being called savage to wild to fierce to just plain old unruly, curly hair has been a controversial topic.

Now a days curly hair has more acceptance, in the following blog, we’ll be helping you understand how to manage your amazing and gorgeous curly hair.


Shea moisture is a company which had humble beginnings in 1912 in Sierra Leone, today it’s one of the most renowned companies that focuses on curly and textured hair products. Their shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil styling lotion is perfect for when you want to style your hair with heated tools. It saves the hair from heat damage. The shea moisture styling lotion also helps in hair growing with strength.


To style your curly, luscious hair shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil styling lotion is your best bet. It helps in reducing the frizz and making the hair style of your liking is just plain simpler.

  • Always deep condition your curls regularly. It helps to give a strong bounce and keeps your hair hydrated
  • Find the right product that works for you. Shea moisture has a large range of products specifically for curly and wavy hair, which includes the shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil styling lotion.
  • Always, always, always sleep on a satin or silk pillow cover, or tie a bonnet around your head before you sleep (because curly hair does have a mind of its own, period!)
  • Curly hair is dryer than straight hair so use shampoos and conditioners that helps in locking in moisture
  • Use a t-shirt or microfiber towel over a regular towel to avoid your hair from becoming frizzy.
  • Try co-washing your hair at regular intervals. Co-wash is where you use conditioner instead of shampoo to wash your hair.
  • Never comb your curly hair dry, it will break. Always run a comb through your hair when wet and with conditioner. It helps with detangling.
  • Use a leave-in or a light-weight gel in your hair once you have washed and conditioned your hair. Finger coil your curly hair, helps give it a definition and tames the hair


Curly hair isn’t a curse, it has a sense of character so if you have curly hair, own it! Own your hair and its many moods, because let’s face it, straight hair is boring. Curly hair is more fun to manage and fun to experiment with. You can begin by using the shea moisture Jamaican black castor oil styling lotion. This lotion will give you the much required definition and moisture that curls crave. And with shea moisture you can be sure of the fact that you will be using chemical-free, ethically and sustainably resourced products, which haven’t been tested upon animals. Shea moisture has a range of styling lotions, that you can choose from. So the next time some one tells you “your hair looks better when straightened”, make sure you go with a head full of your natural, luscious, a little crazy but oh so gorgeous curly hair and be the gorgeous you, you were born to be.

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