Moisturiser and Dry Skin: What Works and What You Need to Know?

Moisturiser and Dry Skin: What Works and What You Need to Know?

Want a beautiful and lithe skin that glows and radiates all the time, come rain, shine or hail?

Well, beauty experts always say that the road to a smooth and supple skin goes through the top layer which needs adequate water. The water or moisturizer is vital for repairing and maintaining the function of skin, and also for keeping it healthy. If the top layer is not adequately moisturized, it will have negative impact on the protection and immune system.

The moisture is the reason why bad things are prevented from seeping into the body. And if the moisture is not trapped inside the skin, it will lead to dry skin which may appear a minor irritation but can be painful and lead people to serious infection. With dry skin, there is always a great risk of infection reaching the body and causing medical issues like eczema.

Do We All Need to Moisturise?

Yes, we all do need to moisturize often but doing it daily is not necessary. If you have very oily skin, there is absolutely no need to moisturize on a daily basis as there is already water trapped inside the body. On the other hand, if you have skin problems like eczema or psoriasis, you must moisturize daily.

  • Moisturizing is important because:
  • Our skin too ages as we do, so it does nourishment and protection in the same way
  • As we get older, the skin turns drier and loses its natural ability to be a barrier and that’s why daily moisturizing is key for older people
  • People with excessive exposure to the sun also need to moisturize more often than to minimize the damage for the barrier function of the skin

When Should You Moisturise?

While most of us know moisturizing is essential for healthy skin, only some of us are truly aware when we should actually moisturize. To know when to apply moisturizer on the skin can help a lot in getting the most out of the product.

  • Skin experts say that the best time to moisturize is right after the shower
  • You should moisturize when the skin in a bit damp to get better results
  • Not moisturize after the shower means you allow water to evaporate and thus won’t be able to trap the water in the skin
  • Experts also advise against using hot showers for the same reason
  • And age and gender are no bar when it comes to moisturizing the skin and doing it daily is always better for the health of your skin
  • Your best eye cream will be for the eyes only not other areas of the skin and the earlier you know the better

How to Choose the Best Moisturiser?

There is a huge variety of moisturizer creams and lotions available in the market and choosing the best among the lot is never easy unless you have an idea about their content. To choose the best, you need to keep in mind certain things, including:

  • A good moisturizer is one which is relatively thick as only it can help trap water in the skin
  • While selecting a product, you should check up the one having the base of glycerol, glycerine or paraffin
  • It’s always better to avoid buying moisturizer based on ingredients such as dyes, fragrances etc as they may cause skin allergies, and at best are non-essential in nature
  • And yes, buy something whose feel you like so that applying it regularly is motivation in itself
  • The selection should also be based on the ingredients (like ceramides and lipids) for supporting moisture retention in the skin
  • Above all, price tags should never be the criterion to buy a moisturizer and fewer the ingredients you know, the better the product would be

Sun Protection is Always Paramount

Good sun protection towers above every known remedy when it comes to skincare. While moisturizing is still the best way to treat dry skin, you should also know sun protection is more important, always.

So, make sure the skincare routine focuses on this all-important aspect – protection from sun exposure. It will not only minimize the signs of ageing but can also keep away the risk of cancers and damage to the skin.

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