Protect Your Hair from The Impact of Air Pollution

Protect Your Hair from The Impact of Air Pollution

In recent times, the issue of air pollution has been in the public eye in Delhi-NCR. The air quality has degraded to a level that many people have said to witness itching in their nostrils and eyes. The situation is even worse for those suffering from bronchitis and asthma.

Interestingly, when people talk about air pollution, they remain confined to relating its impact on respiratory health. What they seem to oversee is their delicate hair and scalp that constantly battle with toxic hell they are exposed to. They don’t realise that this blissful ignorance can cause a dreadful impact on hair in the long term.

You will be surprised to know among all the factors, dust and pollution contribute to the major reasons that cause scalp dryness, hair fall and even baldness in the contemporary scenario.

Thankfully, with the advancement in hair care products, there are many solutions to this problem. In this blog, we will discuss each of them in detail.

Take a nutritious diet

 Diet plays a critical role in retaining the health of your skin and hair. Whatever you eat, has direct impact on the strength and density of hair. Thus, your hair care routine should always commence with a balanced diet. While eggs contain surplus protein that promotes the growth of hair, berries are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients that help in the formation of anti-oxidants in the body essential for both your healthy hair and skin. 

Keep your hair moisturised

Quite similar to plants, the roots of your hair also need sufficient moisture for their growth. In its absence, your hair can become rough, dry and frizzy. If this condition persists for long, it could be an indication that your hair is having a dearth of moisture. Recently, a haircare brand named Avizano of American origin has marked its presence in India. As part of their Keratin treatment kit, the company claims that its premium clarifying shampoo can naturally provide intense moisturising to your hair along with instantly clearing impurities from the scalp. It comprises of Aloe Vera, Keratin and Argon Oil, all essential to provide the right nourishment to your hair and neutralise the impact of pollution.

Give your hair deep conditioning

Dust and pollution don’t just damage your hair, they settle on your scalp and hair strands. Former hinders the growth of hair and latter makes them frizzy. This paves way for the most essential element of hair care; conditioner. Amid the market overwhelmed with an array of conditioners, all claiming to be doing wonders for your hair, Avizano sets itself apart from others. Apart from detoxifying your hair scalp, the company claims that their product seals Keratin, the primary protein found in hair, into the cuticle. This eventually promotes the growth of healthy hair and detangles all the knots.

Thus, with all the above measures, your precious hair that add an extra charm to your personality can be protected even amid the intense pollution. Also, the Keratin Treatment with a premium range of Avizano products is something you should try to restore the health of your hair.

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