Instead of Saving Lives Abortion Bans Take Them Away

Instead of Saving Lives Abortion Bans Take Them Away

We are living in the 21st century, in the so-called Land of the Free. Why does it sound like irony? Because even now, American women have no right to decide for their own bodies and lives. Every American that has access to the Internet knows about the pro-life agenda promoted by President Trump and his conservative supporters.

There are already existing laws in several states that don’t allow women to choose whether to become a parent or not. Even in some states where it isn’t banned, it isn’t accessible to women with low income because this service was removed from the Medicaid list.

What sounds like a good Christian idea and promises to save lives, will turn out to be a big evil for Americans. This will hit women the hardest but they won’t be the only Americans to be affected. Below are the causes why pro-life is not what it seems and does more bad than good.

Whose Life Matters More?

Despite the Biblical idea of all human beings having a soul, science has more exact data. In early terms of pregnancy when most abortions are performed, a fetus doesn’t even have a developed nervous system. However, pro-lifers suppose that the life of someone that is technically nothing more than a bunch of cells is worthier than life, destiny and mental health of a woman that is already alive.

The idea of a woman being prosecuted for abortion the same way as for murder is inhumane. Pregnancy is not always a result of her poor choice. It can happen because of rape, in which a victim can never be guilty. But prolifers don’t take this fact into consideration. They dehumanize women by treating them as a vessel for carrying the child.

Why Abortion Ban Is a Menace to Society?

Pro-lifers care about the life of fetus when it’s inside a woman. As soon as this child is born, no one cares about it. How will this family live? Will the mother be able to support and love the child she never wanted? Will this child be happy? Not their problem! The life was saved, they’re done. See what happens with such an approach.

More poor people

Most women who desperately look for an abortion clinic, have serious reasons for the decision to eliminate their pregnancy. It’s usually about the inability to support the child financially. Childbirth will get them stuck in their poverty forever. More poor families are not what society needs.

More female deaths

Where a certain service is banned, it increases the chances of an illegal substitute for it. Criminal abortion is a threat to a woman’s life because they can’t be controlled by the state and can be performed by specialists with poor skill.

More criminals

Children raised in poor families have more risks to become criminals. Seemingly noble idea to save a life may create nothing more than another hungry mouth and disturbed soul. Does a saved life matter if it resulted in raising an offender who may take other lives away?

More mentally unhealthy people

To grow up a happy sane person, a child needs to be loved and wanted. The mother should be ready for this and treat her duty responsibly. Otherwise, the child will have mental trauma that will affect his or her entire life. Childhood traumas make people suffer for years, cause self-destructive coping mechanisms and may result in antisocial behavior.

No pro-lifer thinks of these horrible perspectives because none of them care about the problems of women and poor people. We can only hope for the better and spread the ideas of planned parenthood, proper birth control, and the importance of equality in rights for all people.

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