6 Tips to Find a New Doctor When You Move

6 Tips to Find a New Doctor When You Move

What is the first thing you should do when moving somewhere new? Finding a new doctor.

While it’s often easy to keep lagging in finding a new doctor amidst all the moving chaos until you really need them, your move-in-to-do-list also needs a little space for some medical attention too. If you are not an established patient in a new city, you may find yourself waiting for weeks before you could actually book an appointment. Therefore, it is imperative to always find one so that you are prepared for any health emergency or even rushed simple checkup.

Effective Ways to find a Doctor

Here are few tips, which will help you find doctors right from the comfort of your home.

Look out for local Hospitals in your New Area

Apart from all the grocery stores, best restaurants and other facilities, it is worth doing some online research drill for your hospitals too. This is more important than looking for a doctor, as your doctor cannot really help you much if there is no vicinity to treat you. Moreover, hospital considerations should always come in before choosing a doctor. For example, a good doctor in Pakistan associated with a mediocre hospital will not satisfy your needs in case a chronic situation befalls you.

Check into the new doctor before you move

Almost all of the practising doctors are certified in their education and expertise, yet it is still advised to review your new doctor either through his/her patients or through online means. You can also ask your old doctor about a new recommended one in your city. This is very helpful and will save you a lot of extra time. Rather such practice is a norm in some communities like Pakistan, almost all the doctors of Pakistan know about each other’s speciality and practising locality. Your doctor might have the same tradition, who knows.

What type of Doctor you are likely to need?

This is an important question you should definitely ask yourself, if you have toddlers or if you have a medical condition. Do you want a general physician which can assist your entire family or is it important for an orthopaedic or an ob./gyn to be present in your area at all times? These are the kind of questions you should be asking yourself. There are chances you might not find your perfect medical fit, so stay flexible to other medical options as well. For instance, while searching for a good paediatrician for your children, a good experienced family doctor with excellent reviews and experience in child vaccinations can be a reliable option.

Check on your insurance and Doctor’s availability

It is likely that you might also be switching jobs as you switch from one place to another. There are fair chances for a new health insurance carrier. It is important to check everything in your new insurance especially the specialist referral requirements and other deductibles which will apply. Make sure that before you reach out to any doctor in your new area, your insurance network is in full swing and matches with your medical requirements. It is also important to know if the doctor you have chosen is readily available or not. Do you have to wait for weeks or months before landing an appointment? Is the doctor’s office available 24/7? Can you easily reach out to your doctor? How accessible your doctor’s office is within the same area? These are few examples to name. what you can do is sit down with a list of questions in your mind and start by searching online one by one until you are fully satisfied.

Be sure your chosen doctor is well qualified and experienced

There is a reason why doctors have these long metal plates outside their offices. They want you to know how knowledgeable and experienced they are. So you can put aside your modesty and actually consider a doctor based on his/her knowledge. The next most important thing is the experience. How long has been that doctor been practising in his/her speciality? In case if you are undergoing some complicated procedure, it is likely to feel more mentally satisfying from a doctor who has performed that procedure on a number of cases before you.

Book an appointment

Be smart enough to book an appointment as soon as you can, for a general checkup. Ask as many questions as you can. If you are moving with family, you might want to get their history recorded with the new found paediatric.

Right Person for the Right Job!

Based on all these reasons make sure you seek out the right person who makes you the most comfortable.

Moving can be stressful, hence why assembling the right team for your medical attention is very crucial for your future well-being! 

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