Check Your Blood Sugar If You Notice These Symptoms

Check Your Blood Sugar If You Notice These Symptoms

Diabetes is a hidden menace that may develop unnoticeably for years. There is a bunch of symptoms that clearly warn about its development. Usually, it is associated with untameable thirst, limb numbness, sudden weight loss and frequent urination. However, there are other symptoms too, but they are easy to misunderstand and most don’t realize they relate to diabetes.

The early stage of diabetes may not necessarily come together with a bunch of specific symptoms. Even one symptom that appears all of a sudden, counts. Unfortunately, many people don’t pay attention to it and end up coming to the doctor when the disease has already developed significantly.

Early Diabetes Symptoms

Below are the symptoms of early diabetes that may not look like one but should cause concern. If you notice one or several of them and nothing like this has happened to you before, try checking your blood sugar.

Skin rash

As the glucose level in blood drastically reduces, the skin is the first to react to this. It becomes dry and itchy. If your skin has become dry all of a sudden without changes in climate and food, you may need a test. In the case of diabetes, you may most likely have rash on your hands and feet.


Who would ever associate dandruff with diabetes? But there is a connection. Your body drives the excess sugar out with urine and all your organs are affected by dehydration. This is why dandruff appear, due to dehydrated skin on your head. Lack of hydration causes inflammation and increases the chances of fungal infection.


Dryness in the mouth is linked to numerous problems with oral health. The lack of saliva reduces the natural protection of your mouth. In a dry mouth, bacteria multiply fast and create a buildup that affects the gums. The cause of receding gums may be deeper than your oral hygiene routine, so it’s better to test your blood as well.


This sounds surprising but snoring may affect your blood sugar level. It interferes with the proper oxygen supply for your lungs. Lack of oxygen may affect the metabolism of glucose. You should be concerned if you suffer from regular snoring, the occasional cases are not a reason to worry.

Hearing problems

Diabetes affects your vessels all over the body. Therefore, if the vessels in your ears are getting weaker and thinner, this will affect your ability to hear. The nerves can also be damaged. If you notice that you want to turn the volume louder or people tell you to speak quieter, check your blood sugar.

Changes in vision

Eyes are filled with liquid that is also affected by the disease. If you wore glasses before, you may notice that your vision has improved and you don’t need them anymore. However, this remission isn’t for long and should be a cause of concern. If diabetes is diagnosed and treated, vision problems may return that existed before as soon as the glucose level is balanced.

These symptoms are sometimes difficult to notice, but being attentive to your body is necessary to live a long and healthy life.

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