Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

The secret of healthy teeth is simple: regular visits to the dentist, preferably twice a year. Particularly, if the parents have problems with teeth. If you follow this simple rule, the worst thing that threatens your child is a half-hour treatment of caries. But, if you let the situation get neglected, there is a chance that by the end of school, your child will be afraid of the dentist.

Of course, the first visit to a pediatric dentist is a very important event. How it passes will depend on how the child will handle the dentist in the future.

When to bring your kid to the dentist?

It is better when the first visit to the doctor takes place as an introductory reception and its goal should only be prevention.

If your baby is 1 year old, you can say that the kid is big enough to meet a “dental” doctor, who will simply see if the teeth are growing properly. This is the purpose of the first visit to the dentist. The doctor will assess the condition of the teeth, their growth, and development, as well as oral hygiene. Do not postpone a meeting with a dentist until a later age. Indeed, a neglected problem with a bite can lead to many problems in adulthood.

How to prepare your child to go to the dentist’s office?

If you need to visit the dentist for the first time to treat the baby’s teeth, then you must do everything possible so that the kid is not nervous and afraid. Children are not born with the fear of the dentist, but parents can frighten the child ahead of time. You should not specifically prepare the child for a visit to the dentist’s office, your baby will feel your excitement and get scared.

You just need to tell the child about the visit to the doctor without saying “it will not be painful” and “this is not scary”. Such words can frighten the child. Forget your visits to the dentist in childhood, painkillers had reached such heights that the baby will not feel anything.

Recently erupted permanent teeth are very vulnerable, especially their chewing surfaces. They have many holes and grooves (fissures), in which food constantly get stuck. It is extremely difficult to clean them, so caries develops there. Dentists recommend to seal the fissures – align the chewing surface of the teeth with a liquid filling material with fluoride. This procedure is completely painless.

First, find another clinic. Unlike the one where the child was frightened. Choose one in which doctors have special training and are able to communicate with children. It is best if the clinic provides special children’s anesthesia, as well as children’s fillings.

The number of children’s clinics is quite large. Of course, all parents want the best doctors to treat their children. So, before going to the doctor, tell the child that you are on their side and the new doctor is very kind and nice.

Do not forget about the orthodontist!

In order to avoid some unpleasant consequences, the child should be shown not only to the dentist but also to the kid’s orthodontist. Only a specialist is able to give recommendations for the prevention of improper bite or prescribe treatment to correct it.

It is much better and easier to correct a bite in childhood. You can do it without stress and problems if you have established a good relationship between your baby and dentistry. Your child will be very grateful for that in the future.

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